Financial Services: Military Tuition Assistance

Federal Tuition Assistance

The Department of Defense (DoD) has directed a uniform TA fiscal policy across all branches of military service. Currently the established semester hour cap is $250.00 and each soldier has an annual ceiling of $4500.00. It breaks down to $500 per 2 credit course and $750 per 3 credit course. It requires soldiers to apply through the appropriate education office. Grades are required within 60 days of course completion or further TA's will be denied. A GPA of 2.0 must be maintained. The Office of Student Financial Services must receive Tuition Assistance vouchers no later than the night of registration if a student is intending to utilize those funds for payment of tuition.

Montgomery GI Bill Top-Up

The MGIB Top-Up program was established in 2000 for soldiers receiving Federal Tuition Assistance. The benefit will cover tuition not paid by Tuition Assistance. However, this money is sent directly to the student, therefore, is not considered a part of the soldiers financial package or a method of payment.

New York State DMNA Recruitment

Soldiers in the New York State Army National Guard, Air Guard, or Naval Militia can receive a maximum of $4,970 per fiscal year ($2,485 max per semester) in addition to Tuition Assistance Vouchers. Intended to offset tuition only. Student must: maintain good academic standing, attend all training, pass all PT tests. State DMNA Recruitment Soldier must complete Sections 1-3 of  DMNA 96-1, and include a letter of acceptance. Forward SAR/TAP award letter. Have it in no later than August 15 for the fall or December 15 for the Spring.

Military Funds Application Websites
NYS National Guard Website
Site where National Guard Students can apply for Federal & State Aid
Active Duty Army Soldiers can apply for Tuition Assistance through this site
Active Duty Air Force can apply for Tuition Assistance through this site Marine and Navy. Soldiers MUST be in contact with their education offices as they cannot complete the paperwork online.
Additional Scholarships and information about the available resources. Registration is free!

** Please contact our offices with any additional questions regarding Military benefits or financial aid at 646-378-6191; For more information please view this information sheet.**