Financial Literacy

Default Rehabilitation Information 
If you fail to make the required payments on your federal student
loan and the account becomes 270 days (approximately nine months)
delinquent, it is in default, and the guaranty agency will purchase the
loan from your holder. Once the loan is placed in a default status, the
entire balance (principal, interest, and collection fees) is immediately
due and payable to the guaranty agency. (For more information)

Financial Literacy(noun): the ability to understand your personal finances and to use that information to make smart financial decisions.

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Why does Financial Literacy even matter?...
"The average college graduate in 2002 graduated with over $27,500 in student loans.  Add another $6,000 in credit card debt and the typical graduate walks across the platform with $30,000 in debt before getting that first job!"
                                                       -The Money Answer Book, Dave Ramsey
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