Spiritual Formation @ ATS

“Spiritual formation is the process of becoming like Jesus Christ for the sake of others.”  Mullholland 

Spiritual Formation has everything to do with your character, with being authentic and full of integrity so that what is on the inside of you matches what others see in your behavior.  At its core, spiritual formation is being intimate with Jesus so He can transform you into His image.  Transformation—accept no substitutes!

Why is it important at ATS?
ATS exists to teach and equip men and women to minister to others, to build up God’s kingdom all over the world.  A significant part is living in relationship with Jesus everyday.  Although important, it is not enough to have great ministry gifts and skills.  Your spiritual health and maturity are essential because we minister out of who we are!

What should I expect in spiritual formation?
You should expect to be part of a tradition that began centuries ago.  Spiritual formation sounds new to some churches, but actually it has been around for centuries.  It is a dynamic, exciting, passionate journey and you will find challenge and support for the journey.  You will be encouraged to pursue the passion and possibility that God has placed in your life.

Goals for Spiritual Formation

1. Become increasingly aware of your personal spiritual reality.

2. Nurture a continuing desire to grow beyond your current spiritual reality, and gain tools or resources.

3.Understand and expand their world view and deepen your commitment to God.

4. Used by God in intentional disciple-making of others.

"When you run alone, you run fast. When you run together, you run far."
- Zambian Proverb

@ ATS, we believe that community is essential in spiritual formation.

Spiritual Formation @ ATS
It is about running far. It is about running together for the sake of the cross... Come and join us on our journey together.

For more information, contact Jan.Dale@nyack.edu