School of Business and Leadership Internship Program

Welcome from Bud DiFluri

Our students often ask “Why should I become an Intern? and ‘WIIFM”? (What’s In It For Me) 

Many thousands of Corporate Presidents, Captains of Industry, Successful Businesspeople, Sports Commissioners, and  College Deans, representing a cross-section of individuals throughout  our country ---  began their careers as Interns.  Each enthusiastically will tell of the importance of Internships in their successful careers. Although they were extremely happy to begin their careers as “go-fers”, car drivers, and other such “inspirational” efforts, they today energetically extol the value of their Internship experience to their eventual success.

They got to know the people with whom they were involved, learned the inner workings of the Path they chose, and developed “hands on” concepts, each of which benefited them throughout their lives

Our Aim in the Nyack College Intern Program  is to guide you in YOUR chosen Pathway, through YOUR “Ten Steps To Success” as you begin YOUR career climb  via YOUR  successful Internship!

To be a part of YOUR Nyack College Intern Program is to be part of a successful team---dedicated to YOUR FUTURE-YOUR CAREER!!

I strongly recommend that you immediately begin on your “Path” to higher success---- by registering for our Nyack College Intern Program.

Contact us immediately! You’ll then be “on your way” toward an extremely bright future perhaps not even you can yet imagine!! 


Bud DiFluri
Intern Coordinator
Nyack College
Business Department