Writing Center

Assorted writing support services are available to all Organizational Management students.
INITIAL - Only those Organizational Management students, referred by the Admissions committee, receive individualized writing support through Writing Mentoring Services.  These tutorial services are initiated in the Principles of Adult Learning course and continue through the conclusion of the Dynamics of Group Behavior course.

ONGOING - Enrolled students who would like to improve their writing skills, or whose professors have recommended writing help, should contact the Writing Centers located in the Nyack and Manhattan Center campus libraries to receive assorted forms of assistance.  For the convenience of our commuting student population the majority of support is available remotely via fax, phone or online services. 

These Centers:
  • Provide learners with support and instruction designed to enhance students’ academic experience, learning potential and personal development.  Students receive individualized instruction and guidance designed to help them strengthen and enhance their writing skills.
  • Provide specific assistance to help students formulate thesis statements, use APA and other style formats, develop bibliographies and organize their papers and written assignments.  Students may also be introduced to Writing Lab services designed to help them develop self-evaluation skills.
  • Generate quick study Fact Sheets on a number of problem areas.
  • Offer periodic writing workshops designed to address specific needs
These Centers do not provide editorial services.
Contact the Writing Centers:
  • For consultation services, schedule an appointment with a graduate consultant or tutor by calling:
            646-378-6139 (in Manhattan)

            number coming soon...  (in Nyack)
  • To submit written work for feedback, a Writing Center Coversheet MUST be completed and attached  to all work.  These materials should then be directed to Mrs. Millicent Waterman, Director of the Writing Center-3rd floor at Nyack College, 361 Broadway, New York, NY 10013 and may be mailed, dropped off in person, or faxed (212-226-5817) or emailed to millicent.waterman@nyack.edu
To request and appointment at the Writing Center via the online scheduling system please go to: http://www.nyack.edu/inc/WCNYC_Appt
As the writing process generally includes multiple revisions students are encouraged to contact the Center several weeks prior to due dates of assignments.