Welcome to the Department of Religion


Welcome to the Department of Religion


While many Christian colleges  have programs in Bible, Pastoral Ministry, Youth Ministry and Missions, the Department of Religion at Nyack College is unique in its offering of a complete program in comparative religious studies taught from a Christian perspective. 

It seems that not a day goes by without hearing something about "radical Islam" in the news. Less often, but still quite regularly, one hears about clashes between Hindus and Muslims in India, or about the influence of Tibetan Buddhism through the books and lectures of the Dalai Lama, or about the rapidly expanding "Confucian capitalism" of China, or comments by Jewish leaders regarding conditions in Israel. One reads of fears concerning the alleged influence of the New Age Movement upon American educational philosophy, and the growth of witchcraft and "satanic cults" within America’s cities and suburbs.

At Nyack, the course entitled World Religions serves merely as the gateway to the entire spectrum of the religions in the modern world.  Students have the opportunity to pursue in-depth studies in Philosophy of Religion, South Asian Religions, East Asian Religions, Islam, the History of Judaism, the History of Christianity, Catholicism and Orthodoxy, New Age Movements and the Occult, andAlternative Religious Movements in America.

One of the advantages of pursuing studies in Religion at Nyack is the proximity of the college to the New York City metropolitan area. In Rockland County there are numerous Jewish synagogues representing every type of Judaism, four Muslim mosques, a Hindu temple, a Zoroastrian temple, and several Buddhist institutions. In the environs of Nyack itself there is a New Age Center, a Christian Science Reading Room and Masonic lodges. And a mere twenty-five miles away lies New York City, where virtually every kind of religious movement known to man may be found. A better "laboratory" for the study of religions can scarcely be imagined!

The major is offered at the Rockland campus.

Major Field Component

BIB365             Romans
REL310             Psych and Soc of Religion
REL314             World Religions
REL342             History of Christianity
REL441             Philosophy of Religion
REL470             Topics in Religious Studies
Religion electives (12 credits)