Religion Department Alumni


The Religion major at Nyack opens doors to a variety of career and ministry opportunities.  Many of Nyack’s graduates become involved in cross-cultural ministries to adherents of various world religions.  Rob and Jess Bashioum, for instance, have established a multi-purpose center in Akaba, Jordan.  Marc and Stacy Niles are involved in ministry in Madagascar, Africa.  Nilia Sanchez Cortes is serving in Puerto Rico, and Stefanie Chu in Taiwan.  Matt Hazel has resided in China for two years pursuing studies in the Chinese language.

Other graduates become involved in educational careers at various levels.  David Anderson is the principal of a Christian school in Pennsylvania.  Ro Morici Bulthuis has obtained a doctoral degree from Syracuse University and is employed as a university professor.  Dave and Amy Estes were involved in TESL work in China before pursuing graduate studies leading to a law degree.  Jason Rollins is a high school teacher and coach in the greater Chicago area, and Brigid Mehegan is a special education teacher in Harlem.  Sara Tanney organized the semester-abroad study programs of the Council for Christian Colleges and Universities and is currently working with Nyack’s extension campus in Washington, D.C.

Matt and Laura Rosenberg have used their degrees in Religion as background for planting a Jewish background believer church in Maryland; Ron Chen, Greg Prairie, Carlie (Label) Tracy and Ryan Cochran found the Religion major to be of great value to them in their work in Youth Ministry at area churches.  Jessica Munting Tsuchiya went on to receive a Nursing degree;  Emily Wilkins and Richelle Brumfield Roth have pursued degrees in Library Science.

And Jim and Jess Entwistle, Rob and Stacy Sanzone, Stephanie Abram, Allissa (Balson) Archambault), Kristen (Conn) Tilley, Ben Britton, Tim Brown, David DeGeorgia, Noel Gay, Eric Dortch, Jake Rosenberg, Ryan Ho, Sarah Lindberg, Deb(VanderPlaat) Berger, Fatima Pardo, Joon Park, Jeff Sootheran, Avi Rosenberg, Rachael Pettengill, Sharon (Mellis) Roberts, Sarah (Powers) Mostrom, Ryan and Siobhan (Hillman) Gagliardo, Lindsay Comer, Jerry Henderson, David Rice, Lindsey Disney, Jason Hodne, Audrey Watne, Tim Donworth, Allison Comer, and Elizabeth Rigotti are each involved in different kinds of graduate study, work and/or ministry throughout the United States, all making use of their knowledge of the world’s religions in developing relationships with fellow students, work colleagues and neighbors.

Graduate schools attended by Nyack’s Religion majors include Syracuse University, Rutgers University, New York University, European University (St. Petersburg, Russia), Wilfrid Laurier University (Waterloo, Canada), University of Colorado at Boulder, Eastern Michigan University, University of Southern Mississippi, University of Connecticut, The State University of New York at Albany, Trinity International University, Northeastern Seminary, Alliance Theological Seminary, Reformed Theological Seminary, and Mid-America Baptist Theological Seminary.

So—a multi-purpose degree at a multi-cultural Christian college in one of the most religiously diverse metropolitan areas on earth, with graduates attending a variety of graduate schools and engaged in a multitude of ministries.  Check out the Religion major at Nyack College!