Words of Tribute for Dr. David L. Rambo


Words of Tribute for Dr. David L. Rambo

Rev. Scott Slocum

Nyack College/Alliance Theological Seminary Board of Trustees

I first met David Rambo as a young teenager. He towered over me. In my eyes he was a giant! I later went into ministry and got to know him personally, not only as the President, but also as a coworker and friend. We golfed together, played basketball, even a game of tennis. I saw his vision, his leadership, his approachability, his love of God, his love of life, his daily walk with God...he really was a giant—a giant of faith. He has left such a wonderful legacy. We are blessed to have known him. He will be missed.


Dr. Rockwell Dillaman

Nyack College/Alliance Theological Seminary Board of Trustees

It was my privilege to serve with Dr. David Rambo and count him as a friend. He truly exemplified everything that is good about The Christian and Missionary Alliance. He was passionate about reaching lost humanity. But like A.B. Simpson, David didn’t presume passion alone was sufficient—for himself or for others. He coupled it with academic excellence and encouraged others to follow suit by his example as a lifetime scholar and his leadership in the Christian academic world that included Nyack. I’m confident many of God’s servants serving around the world are more effective because of David’s efforts. I will miss David’s voice in my life. But his influence will continue. And I suspect I am not alone in making that statement! He made Nyack and ATS better. He made Canadian Theological Seminary better. He made Asbury Theological Seminary better. He made The Alliance better. And if you knew him, he made your life better.


Dr. David E. Schroeder

Former President, Nyack College/Alliance Theological Seminary (1993-2005)

Accolades for David Rambo's stature as a leader and man of God are easily framed with sincerity by thousands he impacted over the years. I was surely one of them. No doubt others also found him to be a mentor and guide, as I did. Working closely with Dr. Rambo in the C&MA national office was a privilege that was unexpectedly interrupted in 1993. When the trustees of Nyack College called me to be their president, David's words of encouragement gave me the assurance I needed.  Little did I know that seven years later we would be working together again when he came as president of ATS. What a joy and honor to work with this great man of God.


Dr. Rex A. Boda

Former President, Nyack College/Alliance Theological Seminary (1988-1993)

“We do not sorrow as others who have no hope.” (1 Thess. 4:13)

David Rambo and I first met in our first year as students at Nyack, especially in a church history class taught by our beloved professor, Dr. Thomas Bailey, later to be Academic Dean and President. Dr. Rambo served the Lord with devotion and excellence in the multiplied assignments dictated by the will of God in his life—pastor, missionary, missions professor, college and seminary president, and denominational leader. He truly was a "man for all seasons” in the Kingdom of God.

It was his special joy after serving the Lord in so many capacities, to continue to minister. But he also experienced new freedom to extend and deepen his relationship in his walk with God in prayer, delighting in growing in his knowledge of the Lord through devotional singing and reflecting on the Word, especially in translations such as The Message. He found it so easy to read. It opened his eyes and heart to new levels of delight in his communion with God.

And now he is experiencing the ultimate delight, "Face to face with Christ, (his) Savior," and the joy of reuniting with his beloved life partner in ministry, Ruth Retallack Rambo.


Rev. Jeff Quinn

Vice President for College Relations
Nyack College/Alliance Theological Seminary

I would imagine that anyone who spent time with David Rambo learned from him. I worked with him when he was President at Alliance Theological Seminary. During those years, I learned many, many things.

One of the most important things I learned from him is the value of asking great questions. He seemed to ask them all the time. He asked me questions about our work at ATS; He asked me questions about my preaching; He asked me questions about my family, and he asked me questions about my heart.

Sometimes, his questions were difficult to answer. They reflected the high expectations he maintained for me. But amidst those questions and expectations, I found him to be wise, patient, and gracious. He challenged me, but he also supported me; and as a result, I grew.

Over the years I have come to thank the Lord for David Rambo’s great questions. On occasion, I find myself posing some of his questions to others. I pray I will receive their answers with the same warmth, the graciousness, and the wisdom he had for me.