Letter from Dr. Scales

Dr. Michael and Susan Scales
Dr. Michael and Mrs. Susan Scales

Dear Friends,

Thank you for the many sentiments of support I received in the last week.  I appreciate your kindness and encouragement more than I can express.  It is both inspiring and humbling to know so many are praying alongside me as we take this step together, and I will make it my life’s goal to honor God with my service as your new President.

Nyack College began as an idea—a “vision,” if you will, given by God to A.B. Simpson.  That vision was to take God’s Word to people all over the world, to establish a place of learning where believers could equip themselves to fulfill our Lord’s Great Commission.  

A.B. Simpson’s commitment to that vision resulted in North America’s first Bible college (later becoming a more comprehensive liberal arts college and seminary), and laid the foundation of what has become a fountainhead of spiritual growth and missionary outreach.  To borrow a biblical metaphor, Nyack College truly is a bright city on a hill—one that shines God’s light before the world for His glory.  And what makes that city’s outreach even more far-reaching is that its people don’t simply remain within its walls.  They leave, carrying God’s light with them into a darkening world that desperately needs Christ.

Since our beginning, officially in 1882, the College (and, later, the Seminary) has influenced the world in ways we cannot begin to know this side of eternity.  God-honoring colleges, ministries, churches, families, businesses, schools, orphanages, and health organizations represent some of the best fruits of this institution’s spiritual service.

Some of that service has been quite visible—we can read about (or perhaps even remember) the faithful service of the eleven former Presidents and their significant contributions to the glorious idea behind Nyack.  But such service, as great as it has been, tells only a small part of the story.  The heart of our story unfolds in the lives of the thousands of unsung alumni who have lived out what they learned here—faithful men and women who lived for Christ in the cities and in the countrysides, in ministry and in the marketplace.

Together, we now have the privilege of building the future on their foundation—God’s idea carried out through His people around the world.  By “together,” I mean our entire worldwide community—our faculty, staff, students, alumni, donors, friends and Trustees.  This is not about my Presidency.  This is about OUR opportunity, with God’s leadership, to allow the Light to shine brighter and further than ever before.

I am thankful for the support and leadership of our Board of Trustees.  I am thankful for the support of faculty, staff, alumni, students, donors, and friends.  I am most thankful for a God who allows us to participate in His great idea.    

With His blessing, our best days lie ahead!

Michael Scales