Congratulations From Colleagues


"The appointment of Michael Scales as president to Nyack College is wonderful news for the institution. I have known Mike for many years and believe his leadership will enhance the reach of Nyack College and build a solid foundation for the future at a time when a combination of truth with relevance is paramount in educating this generation."

Ravi Zacharias
President, Ravi Zacharias International Ministries

Dr. Michael Scales:

CONGRATULATIONS!!! on your election to the presidency of Nyack College and ATS. What wisdom the board has shown in appointing you to this important office in what is one of the most exciting colleges and seminaries in the Council for Christian Colleges and Universities (CCCU). Having worked for many of these institutions as a president and board evaluator, including Nyack, I am aware of the high level of success the institution is having in the wide-ranging reaches it is making on its home campus, on the Manhattan campus, and in its other settings to be an inclusive community of learners, both faculty and students.

Your excellent work, Mike, for Nyack and many other Christian colleges and universities over many years, well qualifies you for the presidency, serving the cause of Christ in higher education. Under your skillful and servant leadership, Nyack will continue to advance the ministry of its sponsoring Christian and Missionary Alliance, and it will serve many from other faith traditions, as it has done for many decades. You, Mike, are the one to take this historic service to the next level of spiritual vitality, diversity, and professional collegiate educational excellence. You, of course, will stand on the shoulders of those who have gone before you, thus permitting you to see so far what the needs are that Nyack and ATS should address today.

Mike, I recall with great pleasure the insights you have shared with me, especially in the president and board assessment consultations I have had the privilege of performing at a number of CCCU institutions. You are a clear thinker about the work of Christian higher education, and your competence and faith in God make you the person to serve in the Nyack presidency for the foreseeable future. You know the role the president must play today, both on and off campus, as well as with those in the larger society. I look forward to hearing good reports from your leadership from time to time


Blessings and Peace,

W. Richard Stephens
President Emeritus, Greenville College (IL)
Senior Fellow with the CCCU

"My exposure to Dr. Scales was through his position as a consultant to Christian Colleges and Universities. In my thirty-five years experience in Corporate America, Mike is the only consultant I have ever recommended a corporation hire. Within thirty minutes of our initial meeting it was clear to me that not only were we like-minded in our approach to marketing and corporate communications, but we were of like spirit. His passion for exposing as many of God's young men and women to strong Biblical teaching and his keen insights to communicating with this constituency will serve Him and NYACK well in the years to come. I look forward to seeing what God has planned for NYACK as you come under Mike's leadership."

Michael Blackwell
Director Corporate Communications
Columbia International University
Columbia, SC

"I have known Mike Scales for over 25 years and if there is one thing that you can say about him it is that he is committed to young people. Mike will be an advocate for the students at Nyack College in ways that they could never imagine. Mike's commitment to higher education has been his lifelong passion and anyone who knows him will attest to that.

"Congratulations Mike, but more importantly, congratulations Nyack College on a wonderful choice for your new President."

Rev. Dennis Whalen (Class of 1977)
Vice President, World Relief
Baltimore, MD

"You are so fortunate to have Mike. There is no one that I have more respect for than Mike Scales. Mike is a devoted follower of Jesus, a consummate professional in the academic world, and a leader who has prepared for leading a great institution like NYACK."

Dr. Kevin Jacobs
President, Christian Leadership Foundation &
President of the Banta Companies


"Just wanted to drop you a quick note to say that I heard the news, and to tell you how glad I am for you. You are the perfect man for the job!"

Matt Daugherty
Director of Marketing
Columbia International University
Columbia, SC


"Difficult times are at hand and ahead for private Christian higher education, and visionary leadership coupled with profound faith is what we need. I believe Mike's extensive experience in higher education, proven leadership gifts, and rapport with people is what we need to meet the challenges of a new century.

I've known Mike for almost 25 years - perish the thought! I assured him that Nyack got it right with his selection as president, and that he will have my full support and prayers."

J. P. Mellis
MidAtlantic Director, Operations Services KPMG LLP
Washington, DC
Nyack College - class of 1978
Alliance Theological Seminary - class of 1986

"I was excited to see that Mike has been named as the next president of Nyack College. Mike has worked with our organization and I have been impressed with his knowledge of higher education, his commitment to service, and his integrity as an individual. I am most pleased that he has accepted this call to service and I wish him and the college every success as you work together to achieve the mission of Nyack College."

Larry Nikkel
President, Tabor College

"I have been blessed to work with Dr. Scales for 12 years and I can say my greatest reward in higher education has been to learn from his teaching and example. The only thing greater than the knowledge he imparts on a professional basis is the personal integrity and life lessons taught through his spiritual insight and direction. Mike is a servant. He is led by Christ. At the core of every decision is the desire to do God's will. He is unwavering. Mike has a personal, real and rare relationship with our Savior and is unafraid to follow that relationship as it directs his life. He is driven to succeed. When victory comes, and it always comes, he shares the credit with others and the glory with God. Mike epitomizes visionary leadership. He inspires excellence. Nyack College is fortunate to have a President who models the love Christ had for His Church. I can think of no better person to lead Nyack College to success than Dr. Mike Scales. I am proud and fortunate to call him my friend."

Kyle Wray
Director of University Marketing
Oklahoma State University
Stillwater OK

"I have known Mike Scales since the 1990's when he helped re-organize and re-vitalized our admissions program at the University of Sioux Falls. His wisdom and steady hand guided the University to significant growth in enrollment. Mike was a valuable member of the Presidential team then, and I am delighted that he gets to lead his own team now. Nyack will be blessed by his leadership and faith."

Thomas F. Johnson, Ph.D.
Former President, University of Sioux Falls (1988-97)
Professor of Biblical Theology, George Fox University (1997-present)

"I have had the great privilege of calling Mike Scales a friend for more than 20 years. I have seen firsthand how he leads with true humility and servanthood. I continue to be amazed at his wealth of knowledge in so many areas, especially issues within higher education. I expect great things to happen at Nyack through this humble, Christ-like servant."

Paul Berry
Athletic Director
The Master’s College

"Dear Mike:

"I just received the TERRIFIC news that you accepted the position as president of Nyack College. As an alum, I am SO pleased. May God bless you and your family in the coming busy days. I look forward to being with you at board meeting later this month."

Donna J. Duss
RN MSN (Nyack Class of 1972)
Duss Healthcare Consulting, LLC
Consultant and Professional Coach

"It has been an honor to work with Mike over the years and to become personal friends. He has had a profound impact on many Christian colleges because of his devotion to Christian higher education. He is knowledgeable, winsome and passionate about his ministry. It has been clear to me for a long time he was destined for such a role as the leadership of an outstanding college like Nyack. God's hand is on him and the Nyack community will benefit greatly because of this wise choice."

Greg Hall
Warner Southern College

"Mike, my congratulations on this much deserved appointment. This is a wonderful acknowledgment of your God-given gifts of leadership and spiritual depth. I am confident you will do a wonderful job in this new role. Your preparation has been thorough.

"You will be in our prayers, and we hope to continue our fellowship in the years ahead. If we can be of any help to you, please let me know. I look forward to visiting your campus someday. "

Mike E. O'Neal, President
Oklahoma Christian University
Oklahoma City, OK

"Serving Christian higher education with and for Dr. Mike Scales for has been a true pleasure. Ten years ago Mike invested in me-a young, just out of college admissions counselor-as a colleague and a friend. Ten years later I have a closer relationship with Christ because of Mike. There is not a day that goes by in my professional or personal life that I don't think about or apply some wisdom past down by Mike. His example of service to God's kingdom through his life's vocation of Christian higher education inspires me in my daily work. Mike is kind, wise, and competitive. His drive to succeed has always been for the benefit of others and for the glory of God. Mike is a kingdom servant. He is my hero. I anxiously await the tremendous blessings in store for Nyack College with Mike as its leader!"

Risa Forrester
Director of Admissions and Marketing
Oklahoma Christian University

"It has been an honor to work under Mike the past year and a half. I've never had a "boss" who has impacted me more in a professional or personal way. Mike teaches by example and I have learned a great deal from him. Mike inspires excellence to all those around him. The Lord has blessed him with many skills and talents that he uses for the Glory of God. It's a privilege for me to call him my friend."

Hollie Gorsh
Director of Admissions
The Master's College

"Dr. Scales is both my hero and mentor. It would be impossible for me to describe the impact he has had on my life both professionally and personally. I have never met anyone who is able to encourage with just his mere presence. Character, integrity, humility, and wisdom fill his mind and heart. I have often thought of how wonderful it would be to serve under a president such as Dr. Scales. NYACK has selected one I consider head and shoulders above the rest. "

Clint LaRue

Director of Financial Services

Oklahoma Christian University

"Mike's life call is to enroll as many students as possible to a Christian college. 14 of the past 16 years that I have known Mike, I worked beside him as a witness to him living out his call. He understands how Christian colleges change lives and Nyack is no exception. It has been said, "Leaders are dealers in hope" and that is definitely Mike. His leadership, wisdom, commitment to Christ, and experience are a fit to continue to move Nyack forward as a vital institution in the NY area and around the world. As a graduate of Nyack, I've always been biased for wanting him to be the president someday. God's timing is perfect and now is the time! To my mentor - Congratulations Mike! Nyack is blessed. And I am so blessed to call you friend."

Deanna Weyman - Class of 1989
Former Associate Director of Admissions, Nyack College
Regional Sales Coordinator for CNL Securities Corp.

"To a sister institution, I say congratulations on your appointment of Dr. Michael Scales. I've had the great experience of working with Dr. Scales here at Columbia International University as he served with us as a consultant in enrollment management. I know of no one in the country who has a greater heart for the advancement of Christian education and increasing the impact of Christian education on young lives. I believe this position with Nyack will be of great service to the Nyack community and also to the greater Christian college advancement. We trust God will give Mike many years of effective service with Nyack. I look forward to working with him in a sister institution relationship."

D. Keith Marion
Senior Vice President for Development and Operations
Columbia International University

"Dear Dr. Scales:

It is with pleasure and admiration that I convey congratulations to you your recent selection as President of Nyack College. I have long admired your social skills in dealing with all aspects of the academic world and, in particular, the fine reputation you have built in the recruitment process for the multiple organizations for which your skills have been utilized.

While some organizations may be reluctant to acknowledge it, "selling" your college or university is essential to bring in the desired student population and to service them through your staff, faculty, and facilities in a way that brings them pleasure and gratitude, while also producing a highly regarded graduate product. I am confident of that demonstrated skill and I am sure it will be a great asset to you in your leadership as President of Nyack College and ATS Seminary.

Simultaneously, that same sensitivity to "sales" becomes important to faculty as they regard every student as a valuable asset for which they have the privilege to influence, both academically and spiritually.

Finally, the success of the students academically, the excitement and proficiency of the academic staff, and the general success of the institution as a whole paves the way for a strong and embracing constituency that I believe is important in the provision of encouragement and financial support to the institution for its strength in the future.

Your leadership in these areas has been demonstrated. Your commitment to Christian higher education has permeated your career. You now are in a position to put all your work experience and passions together in your leadership as President of Nyack College and ATS Seminary. I know that your commitment to leadership in this position is motivated by a conviction that compels you to the challenges ahead. I pray that God will continue to give you wisdom, and that even though storms and difficulties may arise, the conviction that has led you to accept this position will never waver or be doubted as you continue to rely on His guidance, wisdom, and support to meet the challenges ahead.

I wish you God's blessing and again congratulate you for your selection, as well as your commitment, to this critical leadership position."

Peter Dys, President
Shell Point Retirement Community
Fort Myers, FL

"I have worked with Mike for over a decade and admire his passion for seeing that as many students enroll in a Christian colleges as possible. He is known as a praying man of God which shows in his success on the job and in
his family. You are fortunate to have the Scales family call Nyack 'home.'"

Doris Gukich
Vice-President of Advancement, Warner Southern College
Lake Wales,Florida

"Congratulations on your selection as President for Nyack. I know you will do a great job!"

Dr. William P. (Bill) Goad
Provost/CEO, Cascade College

Portland, OR

"Saw Nyack's web page! That is very exciting news. I know that God will do great things through you at Nyack.. I trust we will be able to continue to work together and to serve our Lord for many years to come."

Darrell Webb
Director of Student Financial Services
Columbia International University

Columbia, South Carolina

"Congratulations President Scales,

I am very happy to hear about your new position. I am very excited for
you. I pray for God's blessing and anointing over you and your family as
you begin this new season of your life. I'm very grateful for the
opportunity to have worked with you. Thank you for all that you have done
for me. God has used you as an instrument in my life and I thank you for
your faithfulness. I look forward to seeing the great things God is going
to accomplish in and through you. You will be in my prayers."

Wade Mawdesley
Undergraduate Admissions
Warner Southern College
Lake Wales, FL

"Mike, I am so thrilled for you and Susan. I know you have both struggled over this decision. I am confident that the Lord has blessed you both with the wisdom you sought to accept this outstanding and challenging role at NYACK. I look forward to our visit and hearing about all the details. Our love to you and Susan. Congratulations."

Alfred C. Branch
Executive Vice President

Oklahoma Christian University
"Congratulations! And, thank you! Thank you for your dedication to Christian college work, but most of all thank you for your dedication to the individuals you work with. Through your gift of engaging people, you change lives one at a time. I feel blessed to have worked with you. Thank you for being my leader, mentor, and friend."

Dawn Rafool
Dean of Enrollment Management
Warner Southern College