The Nyack Community Responds


"I am delighted to learn of the appointment of Dr. Michael Scales as President of Nyack College and Alliance Theological Seminary and wish him God's rich blessings as he undertakes this new and challenging assignment.
In this day of profound cultural upheaval and pressure from a society that is bent on the repudiation of traditional values, the role of Christian Higher Education is more important than ever. Nyack graduates, whether men or women, and whether from the college or seminary, are at their best when
they stand for something which not only, in the words of Scripture 'RESISTS EVIL' but also proclaims the loving grace of a God who yearns to redeem us from the insidious taint of a world system which has set itself on the wrong course. And this is true regardless of what vocation the graduate enters. I believe Dr. Scales is the right man to lead our community to that end. I congratulate him and wish him Godspeed on the journey."

Dr. Thomas P. Bailey
Professor Emeritus

President of Nyack College 1975-1982

"I am pleased about the selection of Mike Scales as President. He is very gifted in the critical area of student enrollment and relates easily with students, as well as a wide arena of other persons. He has expressed a profound sense that God has called him to this task. All this causes me to believe that many more good days are ahead for Nyack College."

Dr. David L. Rambo
Former President of Nyack College 1982-1987
Former President of ATS
Former President of the C&MA

"I am pleased and delighted to hear of the appointment of Dr. Michael Scales as the twelfth President of Nyack College.

One of my most satisfying experiences as a college senior administrator was the day Dr. Scales consented to serve as Vice President for Advancement at Nyack College in 1989. Since that day, he has served the College community with dedication and focused effort.

How can we summarize the character and gifts of Michael Scales? Certain words and phrases come to mind.

  1. Biblically and theologically anchored;
  2. Spiritually minded as well as aware of contemporary cultural realities and needs;
  3. Personable and sensitive to people;
  4. Practical and persistent in working through the demands of his responsibilties;
    and binding these all together,
  5. Authenticity in all he does.

His service in a wide variety of capacities on the Hillside during the past sixteen years has prepared him thoroughly to give the needed effective leadership at Nyack College in the challenging days ahead.

Let all stand behind him in prayer that the Lord will grant him wisdom, courage and strength in his new assignment."

Dr. Rexford A. Boda
Nyack College President, 1988-1993

"My heartiest congratulations to the Nyack College community on the selection of Dr. Mike Scales to be the twelfth president of the college. Dr. Scales is well known throughout the Christian college world, and many others would dearly love to have such an experienced and respected leader.

You know you have a good man when he says to his boss, 'My main goal is to make you look good.' Well, Mike, you did that for me for twelve years. Now it's your time to shine. I fully anticipate good days ahead for Nyack."

David E. Schroeder, Ed.D.
President, International Teams
Nyack College President 1993-2005

"It has been said that many leaders use people to get work done. Mike has always been the kind of leader who uses work to get people done.”

Jeffrey T. Quinn
Nyack College
Assistant Professor of Pastoral Ministry

"Mike, it's good to have you back and at the helm.  God has given you vision and discernment for the job that lies ahead.  Under your leadership, along with David and Dave, I see renewed growth with our campuses.

Ongoing prayer and support are with you."

Arthur Attwell, Ed.D.

Head, Department of Childhood Education

Nyack College-NYC Campus

"An excerpt from The Prophet  reads,  ' ... always you have been told that work is a curse and labour a misfortune. But I say to you that when you work you fulfil a part of earth's furthest dream, assigned to you when that dream was born, And in keeping yourself with labour you are in truth loving life, And to love life through labour is to be intimate with life's inmost secret ... and when you work with love you bind yourself to yourself, and to one another, and to God.'

Mike, you were destined to do this ... call it Divine intervention or anything else ... but you are exactly what Nyack College needs, at precisely the right moment in time ... and this, like much else in our faith, is not by accident."

Dr. John Laski

Associate Professor of Finance

Director, MBA Program

"Not only does our new President know and understand higher education, but he's someone who loves people and is committed to building and developing their full potential."

Mr. Alfredo Cid
Associate Dean of Enrollment
Nyack NYC Campus

"I just got word yesterday that you have been named President of Nyack
College.  Congratulations!  I am very excited for you and happy that you
have been given this opportunity.  I know that Nyack will benefit from your
leadership experience and your heart for education and ministry.  I am sure
you will be missed at the Master's College.

Anyway, Congratulations again!"


Scott MacDougall