Response from the Search Committee


"Mike provides a unique mix of having helped define Nyack College and Alliance Theological Seminary as they are today and at the same time has the experience and insights from many educational institutions where Mike has worked as a consultant or employee.  He is well suited in training, personality, experience, and spirituality to take Nyack College and Alliance Theological Seminary to new heights and successes."

Paul Glenn, Attorney
Alexandria VA, Chairman of the Presidential Search Committee.

"Dr. Michael Scales showed many strong qualities that will be a great asset to the Nyack community.  His 20-plus years of affiliation with Nyack, along with a strong background in fundraising and a team approach to leadership, will help the organization reach its stated goals."

Dr. David Ireland

Senior Pastor
Christ Church, Montclair, NJ

"Our Nyack College/Seminary community expressed very high expectations for the next president.  The Presidential Committee search process as well as my 15 years of experience watching Mike Scales prayerfully work alongside, inspire and empower people provided evidence that he could fulfill those expectations.  Mike will be the first one to admit that this is the beginning of a faith journey and that his success will depend on our solid support and prayers.  The great thing is that Mike has already earned those from us.  I am very excited to see how God will bless us, Mike, and his family over the years ahead."

Miguel Sanchez
Assistant Professor, Nyack College Rockland Campus

"I have been impressed with Michael Scales from the time I first met him about 16 years ago when he had the role as VP for Advancement at Nyack College. Early in the Search Committee process, as we reviewed his resume and then interviewed him, it was clear to me that Michael was one if not the top candidate for the Office of President. I am very pleased that a unanimous election of Dr. Scales from the Search Committee and the Board of Trustees was made. I believe God has great things in the future for Nyack College."

Dr. Duane A. Wheeland
CMA Executive
Director for Funding/President of the Orchard Foundation

"Our Committee Chairman Mr. Paul Glenn, Esq. and Secretary to the Board of Trustees guided the committee with a gentle yet firm leadership. At his request, the committee was called to a day of fasting and prayer. We were to petition the Lord to lead us to know the one of His choosing. On the day of the final interviews, prayer was the first item on the agenda. We told the Lord that we submitted our preferences, prejudices, and agendas to Him and our prayer was "just lead us Lord to know your mind and to discern your choice." Finally at the closing interviews the Lord made it very clear to me the one who was His choice for this present time. I voted, as the Lord led me, for Dr. Michael Scales."

Minister Donna A Baptiste
Minister of Evangelism  
Christian and Missionary Alliance
President, ATS Alumni Association

"I welcome Dr. Mike Scales home to the Nyack community! I believe his abilities to build relationships, develop team leadership, raise necessary funds and truly listen to members of the community will provide a sense of stability in this season of Nyack’s growth and development. Mike brings to this position a deep integrity and a commitment to lead Nyack into the fullness of its mission and purpose in God’s kingdom. I am delighted to welcome Mike and his wife, Susan, as a vital part of Nyack College."

Dr. Lyndell O'Hara
Dean, Liberal Arts & Sciences
Manhattan Representative, Search Committee

"I have been impressed by the thoroughness with which the Presidential Search Committee, under Paul Glenn's leadership, conducted its search over a period of five months, culminating in an amazing drawing together in unanimity after a marathon 13+ hour final day of interviewing. As we prayed together that last evening, it was truly a "God moment." We believe that Dr. Scales will provide experienced, thoughtful, positive and energetic leadership for Nyack/ATS. His long-term experience in recruiting, admissions, the pastorate and business/fund-raising bode well for the Alliance Seminary and Nyack College in years ahead. Dr. Scales also carries a deep commitment and passion to encourage our spiritual growth, as well as our academic progress as a community."

Craig W. Ellison, Ph.D.
Director, Alliance Graduate School of Counseling