Greetings from the President


In any great endeavor there are two questions that are perhaps more important than any others. The first is “Why?” The second is “How?”

“Why” supplies context, it provides purpose. To answer the question “why,” is to establish the purpose, and beyond that, the meaning of the endeavor itself. Nyack College was born out of a “why.” At Nyack, we believe the entire world needs to hear the entire Gospel of Jesus Christ. To this end, Nyack College and Alliance Theological Seminary exist to prepare students who are overlooked by many to go to places overlooked by many to do work overlooked by many. Most importantly, Nyack and ATS graduates live the Gospel of Jesus wherever they go. The world’s need of the whole Gospel is the “why” of Nyack College.

The second important question is “how.” While knowing “why” brings great dreams to our lives, knowing “how” brings life to our dreams. Knowing “how” moves us from dreaming to doing.

If you were to ask A.B. Simpson “how” he intended to “take the whole Gospel to the whole world,” he would tell you he intended to mobilize “the whole church.” Simpson spoke openly about reaching, “the neglected peoples of the world with the neglected resources of the church.” Over a century later, the importance and the potential of Simpson’s strategy have only grown.

Today Nyack/ATS seeks to mobilize “the whole church” by serving students and communities too often overlooked by higher education for economic or other reasons. When I became President, I realized Nyack would need a level of financial support we have never seen before. With God’s help this has begun to happen, but much more remains to be done.

If you are reading this, you likely resonate with “why” Nyack and our vision matter. And perhaps you have already chosen to become part of the answer to “how” we will continue to carry out this vision. If so, I offer my sincere gratitude. 

I pray this report will encourage you as you see some of the returns on your investment.

In His service,

Michael G. Scales, Ed.D.