Prayer and Intercession


At Nyack College we are passionate about prayer.  As we seek to host the Lord’s presence and cultivate an atmosphere for revival, we recognize that prayer always precedes revival.  Therefore, we seek to prepare and equip students who share this passion to be altar prayer ministers who bring healing and freedom to the students who ask for prayer.  Additionally we desire to develop prayer leaders who have increased availability to pray with students beyond chapel and scheduled ministry times, and who regularly intercede on behalf of our community.

Born in the heart of New York, Shaniqua Freeman served the youth of NYC for 12 years through a variety of youth development programs. In 2014 the Lord called Shaniqua back to school and since, she has completed a Bachelors degree in Psychology from Nyack College. Currently, Shaniqua is pursuing her MSW degree at Nyack College as she desires to further her skill set in order to serve the undeserved community and advance the body of Christ by providing them with resources, skill sets, truths, and networks they may not have the opportunity experience. 

If you wish to speak with Shaniqua about prayer, intercession, or altar ministry for chapel, you can contact her at