Welcome to the Department of Philosophy


Philosophy has played a historic role in the liberal arts tradition.  We believe its place in the intellectual development of undergraduate students is essential and, therefore, require Introduction to Philosophy as part of the liberal arts core curriculum.  Nyack College has offered the Philosophy major for almost forty years. Over the last ten years the department usually averages between 15 to 25 majors and a number of minors. Furthermore, a number of students majoring in Interdisciplinary Studies have selected philosophy as one of their areas of concentration.

We offer a wide variety of courses, but lean more toward the Continental Tradition rather than the British/American analytic tradition. Since the Continental Tradition still deals with the big questions of philosophy, we often attract non-majors in upper division courses such as Feminist Philosophy, Philosophical Hermeneutics, and Philosophies of Love.

The major is offered at the Rockland campus.

Major Field Component

PHI101            Introduction to Philosophy
PHI 202             Logic
PHI 321             Plato or PHI322 Aristotle
PHI 323             Empiricists or PHI324 Modern Continental Philosophy
PHI 348             Philosophical Hermeneutics
PHI 470             Philosophy Seminar
Philosophy electives (12 credits)