Welcome to Philosophy and Religious Studies


Welcome to Philosophy and Religious Studies


Philosophy teaches us not what to think, but how to think; how to think deeply about ourselves, the world, and our relation to the world and each other. Religious Studies is an interdisciplinary, cross-cultural, and intellectually curious examination of the major world religions and their people.

Integrated together, the Philosophy and Religious Studies program engages the fundamental questions of human existence and contemporary global issues from both philosophical and religious perspectives. Specifically, the major provides a foundational study from both fields while also providing students with three distinctive options – a philosophy concentration, a religious studies concentration or a no-concentration option.

The Philosophy and Religious Studies curriculum consists of 30 credits (10 courses): 5 core courses and 5 courses in the concentration/no-concentration option. Students will also be required to take Introduction to Philosophy in the liberal arts core.

The major is offered at the Rockland campus.

Major Field Component

PHI 101          Intro to Philosophy (Liberal arts core course)

Core Courses (15 credits – Required)

PHI 202          Logic

REL/SOC 310   The Psychology and Sociology of Religion

REL/PHI 314    World Religions

PHI 346          Ethics

REL/PHI 441  Philosophy of Religion

Philosophy Concentration (15 credits)

PHI 329          Ancient Philosophy

PHI 330          Modern Philosophy

PHI 327/367   Mysticism OR Christian Existentialism

PHI 431/432   Contemporary Analytic Philosophy

OR Contemporary Continental Philosophy

PHI 470          Philosophy Senior Capstone

Religious Studies Concentration (15 credits)

REL 432         Christianity and World Religions in Dialogue

REL 342         History of Christianity

REL 442/448  South Asian Religions OR East Asian Religions

REL 445/446  Islam OR Judaism

REL 470         Religion Senior Capstone

No Concentration (15 credits)

If no concentration is declared, any 4 more PHI or REL courses, plus 1 PHI/REL 470 capstone, completes the major requirements.