Welcome to Pastoral Ministry


Thank you for taking the time to check into the Pastoral Ministry Department at Nyack College. The Pastoral Ministries department EQUIPS men and women to successfully serve the church or not-for-profit organizations locally and globally.

Empowered Ministry (attitude and knowledge) – shows clear calling, gifting, competence, and missional focus in ministry

Quality Leadership (skill and attitude) – is a team player, employs effective strategies for decision making, and has a servant’s heart when working with others

Understanding Scripture (knowledge and skill) – demonstrates good working knowledge of the Bible, an understanding of  theology, and appropriate application of Scripture to life      

Intentional Healthy Living (attitude and skill) – maintains physical, emotional, and relational health with family and others

Passionate Spirituality (attitude and skill) – show evidence of being filled with Holy Spirit, commitment to progressive sanctification, and submission of all resources (time, talent, and treasure) to the glory of God

Socially Relevant – (knowledge skill, and attitude) –is adept in applying and encouraging kingdom principles to individuals (family), industry (business), and institutions (government)

These objectives will be measured the successful completion of the B.S. in Pastoral Ministries program and using the “5 Core areas and Key Characteristics of an Alliance Worker” survey instrument administered at the beginning of each year at Nyack College.

We look forward to getting to know you, 

Dr. Russell Mcleod - Nyack Campus
Dr. Carlos Velez - Manhattan Campus