OM Careers


What careers are available to Organizational Management degree holders?


  • Middle management position
  • Human Resources
  • Operations
  • Marketing
  • Sales

Non-Profit or Non-Governmental Agencies:

  • Team Leaders or other mid-level manager position
  • Program Analyst
  • Project Director
  • Church Leadership

State or Federal Government Positions:

  • Most state or federal positions requiring a bachelor’s degree

Academia and Education:

  • Development office
  • Registrar’s office
  • Admissions office
  • School Administrative unit


  • Small Business Owner
  • Ministry start-ups
  • Non-Profit start-ups

Continuing Education:

  • Allows students to continue their education at the Master’s level in various disciplines, including but not limited to; Business Administration (MBA), Seminary, Counseling, Leadership, and Education.