History, Mission, and Philosophy of the School of Nursing

The President, Board of Trustees, and a generous donor had a vision to see Nyack College prepare Christian nurses for global service. The vision was stimulated by the work of a Christian nurse ministering to the lost in a spiritually dark world. After decades of prayer and having witnessed the impact of health care workers on the lives of hurting people around the globe, the donor’s passion for establishing a nursing program at Nyack intensified. In 2004, the donor contacted the Board of Trustees at Nyack about the potential for a program to develop professional nurses. The vision was met with enthusiasm, but funding did not seem possible. The following April prayers were answered. The Lord worked through the donor to provide the funding to begin the nursing program. A one million dollar gift was received and Nyack begin searching for a program director to develop the curriculum.
In 2009, the School of Nursing was established at Nyack College. At Nyack, students will prepare for the ministry of nursing in a Christ-centered environment which has a rich history of academic excellence. Nyack nurses will be educated in a culturally diverse environment to effectively prepare them for real world experiences, and global opportunities for ministering to the health care needs of vulnerable populations. A Nyack education is a personally transforming experience as students develop the knowledge, skills, and passion for the ministry of nursing and lifelong service.
“I tell you the truth, whatever you did for the least of these brothers of mine, you did for me” Matthew 25:40
To send Christian nurses into the world to show Christ’s love as they minister to the healthcare needs of hurting people.
Nyack School of Nursing exists to educate, encourage, equip, connect, and mobilize Christian nurses to meet the health care needs of global communities.
Nyack College is a fully accredited liberal arts college rooted in the Christian faith, serving The Christian and Missionary Alliance, the church, the community and the world. Nyack seeks to produce broadly educated persons who are prepared for advanced study, careers, and civic responsibility. We are committed to promoting Christian knowledge, moral maturity, and spiritual development in our students. At Nyack, students are prepared for lives of ministry and service. The faculty of the Nyack College School of Nursing supports the mission of Nyack College. We are dedicated to assisting students from all cultures in the development of attitudes, knowledge, and skills needed to model Christ in the practice of nursing. Our curriculum is undergirded by faith in a sovereign God who directs our vision, mission, and practices.
Christian nursing is a calling to deliver compassionate care to a hurting world in response to God’s grace and His desire for healing (shalom) for mankind. Compassionate nursing care is not limited to physical healing, but encompasses the spiritual and psychosocial aspects of humanity. Nurses have a specialized body of knowledge in addition to knowledge gained from the biological and behavioral sciences. Nursing knowledge is acquired through empirical testing, personal, aesthetic and ethical methods. All knowledge emanates from God. We believe students learn by being active participants in the educational process. Knowledge from the liberal arts prepares students for lifelong learning and continual discovery.
While healthcare is the principle concern of nursing, health practices cannot be considered devoid of the context of the sociopolitical and cultural systems. Advocacy is an essential attribute of professional nursing practice. Nurses advocate for others by providing direct care, coordination of care, and through social and political advocacy aimed at reducing health care disparities. The heart of nursing is service to others. At Nyack, our service toward others is motivated by, and a reflection of our love for Christ. In serving others, we believe Christ is glorified. 
Excellence is a cornerstone of the Nyack experience. Faculty in the School of Nursing endeavor to mentor students toward excellence by modeling Christ in all we do. Through Christian nursing education, students enter the practice of Christian nursing and prepare to serve others to the best of their ability. We believe that an attitude of service is the key to a meaningful and rewarding career as a professional nurse.