Music Grants and Scholarships (Nyack)


Music Grants and Scholarships (Nyack)

Invitational Music Scholarship Competition:

All incoming students who audition by March 24th will be considered for “call back” to the Annual Invitational Music Scholarship Competition.  Awards from $4,000 to $10,000 per year are awarded to outstanding musicians and are maintained by following the requirements established by the School of Music.

Music Ensemble Achievement Grants:

Grants of $1,000 per year are awarded to qualifying incoming students in any major for participation in a School of Music Ensemble.  Audition required.


  • All prospective students who audition are automatically considered for a music grant at the time of their audition.
  • To be considered for the awards listed above, at least two classical pieces must be presented at the audition.  Repertoire requirements may vary by degree program; please contact the School of Music.
  • The grants are for new, full-time students attending Nyack College in Nyack, N.Y.  Please refer to the Nyack College Catalog for more information concerning eligibility for and maintenance of Nyack College Grants.
  • If you are interested in auditioning for a music grant or scholarship, go to the Music Program Questionnaire.  The School of Music will then contact you with further information.