Bachelor of Music in Keyboard Instruments


Bachelor of Music in Keyboard Instruments


The Bachelor of Music in Keyboard Instruments offers students the opportunity to pursue a degree which is focused upon historical and contemporary classical piano music and which may include studies of the music of Jazz. As in the case of every major, Keyboard Instruments has a strong biblical, academic, and theoretical foundation. Performance degrees represent the highest standards of professional studies, including the history, theory, pedagogy and practice of many genres of music.

Why Study Keyboard Instruments at Nyack College, New York City?
  • Students who study Keyboard Instruments will have access to some of the finest venues and artists in the world, including some who are on our faculty.
  • Students will enjoy a valuable academic program which will give them versatility and opportunity in their future graduate program or career choices.
  • Students will be nurtured in a Christian atmosphere in which they will find encouragement on their way to fulfillment.
  • Students will have an opportunity to explore and perform many types of music and to study with top scholars within the context of a State-accredited private institution.
  • Students will make lifelong friends and important interconnections in the world of music in general and piano music in particular.
What Will I Study as a Keyboard Instruments Major?

As a Keyboard Instruments Major, you will study the communication skills and the keyboard skills which will enable you to have a long and fruitful career in your chosen field. Together with your Nyack Core Curriculum, you will also study the history, methods, and practice of piano performance, including:

  • Music History
  • Music Theory
  • Conducting
  • Composition
  • Private lessons in Piano
  • Piano Pedagogy (how to teach Piano)
  • Music Technology
  • Accompanying
  • Chamber Music

Additionally, you will perform with elite music ensembles and you will be required to do a Junior Recital of approximately one-half hour in length and a Senior Recital of approximately one hour in length.

Career Opportunities

Students graduating with a BM Degree in Keyboard Instruments may be employed as solo or studio recording artists, church music ministers, graduate students in Performance, private teachers, or studio accompanists. The Degree enables them to go on to graduate school.

Our Graduates

Nyack College, New York City has a high percentage of working musicians among its graduates in piano, voice, and instrumental fields. A number have gone on to higher education in reputed graduate institutions and conservatories. Several of our graduates have a worldwide touring career. Some are music ministers at respected local churches; some teach in State and private colleges. Our graduates have shown the value of a versatile and creative Music program and continue to make us proud.

Key Faculty

Prof. Margrit Julia Zimmerman, Artist in Residence

Prof. Margrit Zimmerman is a performing concert artist whose rich experience includes attaining advanced degrees from Moscow Conservatory and traveling throughout the world as a solo and collaborative pianist, who has justly been called a “poet of the piano.” As impressive as her credentials are, Prof. Margrit is loved because of her love for Christ and Nyack’s music students. Like many of our faculty, she never stops giving back from the rich store God has given her as she performs and teaches both solo and collaborative piano.


Credits: 120
Standard Completion Time: 4 years
Accreditation: New York State Board of Regents, Middle States Commission on Higher Educatio


"Nyack College School of Music has been a place where I was always supported. I learned to work hard, be true to myself musically, and most importantly, communicate with my audience. I was very fortunate to work with astounding professors who helped to encourage me and challenge me to be the best musician I could be. The opportunities that Nyack has afforded me include performing at Lincoln Center, Carnegie hall, and various tours. In all these performances I was able to commit to a spirit of excellence and also glorify God in the music. I wouldn't trade the experience of Nyack College School of Music for anything." (G.C., Piano Performance, 2015)

"Choosing the 'right' college can be tough and stressful. Fortunately, my decision to come to Nyack College School of Music, NYC, was by far the best one possible as the Lord guided me through the whole process. Despite the newness of everything, I enjoyed each and every moment from the very beginning.  The extremely propitious environment, the highly competent faculty, the meticulously prepared facility, the care of the directors, and the effectiveness of the musical program are all framed to provide the student with a high-end education. The education is seriously demanding but the learning process becomes easy in such an enjoyable and friendly environment. The relations between students and professors are always positive and optimistic. The Christian environment provides a sense of brotherhood which promotes healthy and solid learning. Moreover, the School of Music provides the students with a number of real-world activities where they have a chance to apply the theory and knowledge acquired in school, obtaining hands-on experiences while still in college. Ultimately, one cannot afford to miss such a unique and blessed opportunity as studying at Nyack School of Music, New York City." (G.L., BM, Piano Performance, 2014