Welcome to the School of Music in NYC


Welcome to Nyack College, to New York City, and to the School of Music!

We are eager to see you in person at our new campus, in the heart of downtown Manhattan! We are “taking back Wall Street” in our own way—by making a difference to the community and to the world—particularly to the world of music, because music profoundly affects relationships.

It is no exaggeration to say that music has been at the forefront of every great movement in history. By God’s grace, music can truly help change the world for the better! We hope you will take up the challenge of the contemporary world and that, concurrently, you will find Nyack College a supportive environment in which you can fulfill your dreams and goals.

Nyack College, New York City is internationally known for its ethnic diversity and for its Christian commitment.  We have students from many countries, from many ethnic backgrounds and educational backgrounds.  As a part of the School of Music, you will experience a variety of music—from classical to non-traditional, from Gospel to Jazz, from Opera to Broadway. Along the way to graduation, you may enjoy international travel, domestic tours, or interboro events. 

As a campus of Nyack College, we are part of an established tradition of fine music and Christian service. As young as this downtown New York campus is, our graduates have already been seen in Broadway roles, in the Metropolitan Opera auditions, in public and private schools as educators, and in world tours as Gospel musicians. And there’s more to come! Christ has made the difference in our lives and to know Him more fully and make Him known is at the heart of every Christian educator and student. We are on a journey, but with well-established goals; we are on it together. Again, welcome!

Dr. Sue Lane Talley
Assistant Dean, School of Music

Nyack College School of Music, NYC
2 Washington St.,
NY, NY 10004
(212) 625-0500 ext. 6186