What's So Special About Nyack in NYC?

  • Our Commitment. In all things, Christ is pre-eminent. We desire to learn and witness as a Christian college community within one of the great cities of the world. We desire to bring to our students and city the highest quality education—in and for Christ!
  • Our Students. We are proud to be one of the most ethnically diverse student populations in any college in America. We are distinguished by students of exceptional talent.
  • Our Unity. Unity in diversity is not just reflected by our ethnicities, but by the many churches represented on our campus. We draw our student population from many of the leading churches in the Tri-State area.
  • Our Atmosphere. Through times of growth and development, we retain a family atmosphere and concern for one another.
  • Our Flexible Programs. In the context of an accredited Liberal Arts college, students are encouraged to explore many facets of music and find their own unique calling.
  • Our Availability. Online and offline, Day and Evening, classes are available to students in the Music program. 
  • Our Affiliates. Our students not only have the experience of New York City, but will share some classes, particularly online classes or international travel, with our “sister campus,” Nyack College in the village of Nyack, New York.
  • Each School within the college framework is its own special family. You will feel at home when you come to your first classes and rehearsals. Your gifts will be encouraged and developed by a staff of experienced, performing musicians, and by the warm support of your peers. You will have frequent opportunities to perform, both on campus and off. You may choose from several majors, or, as a non-major, you may audition for ensembles and take lessons and classes when appropriate. 

Each major is described on its own page on this Web page on this site:

  • Associate of Science, Major in Music (AS)
  • Bachelor of Science, Major in Music in Worship (BS)
  • Bachelor of Arts, Major in Music (BA)
  • Bachelor of Music Education (BME)
  • Bachelor of Music, Performance (Instrumental, Vocal, or Keyboard—BM)
  • Bachelor of Music, Gospel Performance (BM)

Ensembles are open to all students by audition. They include Choral, Vocal, and Instrumental ensembles. Our vocal and instrumental ensembles on the New York City and Nyack campuses perform together in galas at Lincoln Center, a highlight in our college experiences.

Private lessons are available in orchestral instruments, guitar, strings, piano, percussion, electric guitar, and voice. Improvisation lessons are offered in the areas of Jazz and Gospel music. Conducting is also offered in the form of private lessons.

Our Faculty

Nyack College School of Music is served by an extraordinary faculty who both love to teach and to perform.  We understand the challenges that you will face in your life as a performer, and have faced similar challenges.  We also understand that great performers need to be great scholars and our faculty members help you meet the challenges of Theory, History, and Musicology through teaching that mixes passion and great scholarship with humor. The Faculty pages will give you an idea of the exceptional faculty who have chosen Nyack College as their field of service.

Our Facilities

The Island of Manhattan, as you may imagine, is our larger campus! The peerless New York City Library system, the Metropolitan Museum of Art, the Metropolitan Opera, Jazz at Lincoln Center, the Brooklyn Academy of Music and several famous conservatories, and any number of superb cathedrals and Gospel and Jazz venues make New York City a very rich tapestry of learning and experience in and of itself. Looking out the spacious windows on the music floor (#22) of our building, you can see the spire of Trinity Cathedral, famous for its professional choir and frequent free weekday concerts. You will also see a free Smithsonian museum, the Staten Island Ferry, and, in the distance, the Statue of Liberty. In our Recital Hall stand two fine grand pianos, one of which was the subject of a book called, The Piano. It has been played by many of the great pianists of the world. It is ours, by God’s grace, to inspire our deserving students who play it and thrill those who listen to our frequent piano recitals by superb artists. State-of-the-art music labs and piano labs, practice rooms and instruments stand ready for our students’ use.


“I’ve been given the chance to show what I can do, and have also been shown things I never knew or thought I could do. Chorale has been a second home. My semesters at Nyack College have been a joy!”

“I’ve been greatly inspired by the words of wisdom, the patience, and the kind words of encouragement of the Nyack music faculty.”


Thank you for considering Nyack College, New York City as your college home. I would love to meet you in person. Our faculty and skilled Admissions and Financial Aid counselors will be happy to discuss your college future. We welcome commuters from all over the five boroughs and there are housing options which are suggested on our Nyack College site. There’s a place for you at Nyack!