School of Music Programs (NYC)


New: Bachelor in Music in Gospel Music Performance. This degree offers students the opportunity to pursue a program which is not only focused in Gospel Music Performance but which includes a strong biblical, academic, and musical foundation with its specialization.

  • Associate in Science with Major in Music. This is a two year degree with an emphasis in music.
  • Bachelor of Arts with Major in Music.  This major provides students with a solid liberal-arts framework as they develop their musical skills and talents.
  • Bachelor of Science in Music in Worship.  Within this major, students will take courses which will prepare them for a career in music for the contemporary church. 
  • Bachelor of Music. This major is for students who are preparing to continue as professional musicians and graduate students when they leave Nyack.  It is available to outstanding instrumental, keyboard, composers, and vocal performers by audition only. They include:
  • Bachelor of Music Education.  This degree is for students who wish to be certified teachers in the New York State bpublic schools and is open to excellent musicians by audition. 
  • Interdisciplinary Courses with Music Concentration.  Students who wish to diversify into two areas may choose Music as one of their areas of concentration. Choices include Business, Pastoral Ministry, Childhood Education, Psychology, and Youth Ministry. 
  • Music Minor.  Students who desire to major in another field may elect to minor in music. See Catalog Description

For a complete listing of majors and classes offered please download the entire Nyack Catalog. Click here for a list of degrees offered at Nyack College.