Auditions for Music Scholarships


For those accepted to Nyack College and eligible for participation in Nyack Ensembles, a $1000 Ensemble Participation Award will be granted. To be eligible for consideration for this award, you must be a new student.

Additionally, merit awards in the form of Grants may be awarded to students in the amount of $2000 - $8000 annually. Preliminary auditions for the music awards will be held in conjunction to your visit to the New York City campus and a personal interview with the Assistant Dean of the Music Program.   If you live farther than 200 miles away, you may send a video, CD, or internet video for your preliminary audition. It may be recorded on YouTube or Vimeo, to give us an idea of your musicianship and to help us with placement.

The first step in the audition process is submitting the Music Questionnaire, which is found on the School of Music Web site.

Application must be made to the college prior to auditioning for a scholarship.

Please refer to the Audition Guidesheet to help you choose appropriate repertoire for your audition.

To schedule an audition or visit, please call or write Ms. Autumn-Carol Nova, Administrator, at the address below:

2 Washington St., 22nd Floor
New York, New York 10004
(646) 378-6188

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