Welcome to the Department of Mathematics


The Mathematics program at Nyack College introduces students to the fundamental areas, concepts and methods of Mathematics. We offer a wide selection of introductory and advanced courses. Math majors receive a thorough preparation for graduate study in areas that require mathematical knowledge, quantitative skills, analytical reasoning and problem-solving abilities. We also serve other departments by offering courses appropriate for students in Liberal Arts and Sciences (Sciences), Business, Education, TESOL, Nursing, and the Mathematics minor.

Mathematics has a long and distinguished tradition in classical education. It was one of the quadrivium (“four roads”) leading toward completion of the liberal arts. Studying Math helps develop critical thinking, problem-solving abilities and analytical skills. Increasingly, Math is becoming an even more essential tool for survival. From balancing a check book, to investing in mutual funds, to understanding the matrix of how global systems interconnect.  Mathematics is also one of the top fields of study leading to high paying careers.

Major Field Component

MAT236             Calculus I
MAT 237             Calculus II
MAT 238             Calculus III
MAT 310             Linear Algebra
MAT 330             Probability & Statistics
MAT 345             Discrete Mathematics
MAT 401             Differential Equations
MAT 470             Math Seminar
Mathematic electives (9 credits)