Math Courses


For an official and updated listing of courses, please refer to the current academic catalog.

MAT 101-College Mathematics (3)

Logical structure of the decimal system. Designed to acquaint the student with meaning, development, and communication of number ideas and the logical structure of number systems; the how and why of the basic algorithms of arithmetic. Fundamental concepts of elementary algebra and informal geometry. Prerequisite: Math SAT scores 200-400.

MAT 110-College Algebra (3)

The study of topics from Algebra including basic concepts, equations and inequalities of the first and second degree, functions and graphs, linear and quadratic functions, higher degree polynomial and rational functions, exponential and logarithmic functions, systems of equations and inequalities, sequences and series. Prerequisite: Math SAT 400-525.

MAT 211-Math for the Elementary School Teacher (3)

The study of topics from the National Council of Teachers of Mathematics for grades K-6 will be covered. Such topics will include math as problem solving, math as communication, estimation, numbers and numeration, probability and statistics. Education majors only. Prerequisite: MAT 101 or equivalent.

MAT 231-Pre-Calculus (3)

An in-depth study of mathematical ideas, concepts, and solutions relative to algebra, trigonometry, and functions. Prerequisite: Math SAT 525-800.

MAT 236-Calculus I (3)

An introductory course in the theory and applications of differential calculus including concept of limits, introduction to the derivative, techniques of differentiation, integration and integration methods, the fundamental theorem of the calculus, and the study of exponential and logarithmic functions. Prerequisite: MAT 110 or MAT 231 or instructor’s permission.

MAT 237-Calculus II (3)

A course in advanced techniques in the application of calculus to a better understanding of God’s world. Topics include calculating the areas bounded by curves, volumes of solids of revolution, arc lengths, and surface areas of various functions, trigonometric integrals, and L’Hopital's Rule. Prerequisite: MAT 236.

MAT 238-Calculus III (3)

The study of infinite series, parametric curves and vectors in the plane, vectors, curves, and surfaces in space, partial differentiation, and multiple integration. Prerequisite: MAT 237.

MAT 243-Analytic Geometry (3)A study of lines, curves, angles, and solids using algebraic principles. The student is introduced to conic sections, simplification of equations, trigonometric functions, and polar coordinates. Prerequisite: Math elective.

MAT 310-Linear Algebra (3)

A study of advance topics in algebra. Topics will include: vector spaces and linear maps, matrices, linear mapping, determinants, linear systems, eigen vectors, and eigen values. Prerequisite: MAT 110 or higher.

MAT 311-History of Mathematics (3)

The study of ancient mathematics—Arabian, Babylonian, Chinese, Hindu and Greek. Topics include problem solving, numeral systems, number theory, arithmetic, algebra, geometry, trigonometry, algebraic geometry.

MAT 330-Probability and Statistics (3)

Statistical methods. Topics include probability, distributions, statistical estimation, hypothesis testing, regression analysis, sampling, and time-series. Emphasis will be given to the analysis of data. Prerequisite: Math elective or instructor’s permission.

MAT 343-Topology (3)

Abstract topological spaces, bases, convergence, filters and nets, separation axioms, continuity separatability, and compactness, Prerequisite: MAT 243 or MAT 310.

MAT 345-Discrete Mathematics (3)

The study of sets and logic, Boolean algebra, functions, algorithms, relations, combinatorics, trees and graphs, and the nature of proof.  Prerequisite: MAT 236 or instructor’s permission.

MAT 401-Differential Equations (3)

A study of advanced topics in algebra, calculus, and differential equations. Topics include solution methods for ordinary, partial, and directional derivatives, special solution methods for 1st- and 2nd-order systems, infinite series, Laplace, and Fourier methods. Prerequisite: MAT 238 or instructor’s permission.

MAT 412-Advanced Linear Algebra (3)

The study of systems of linear equations, matrices, vector spaces, linear transformations, and scaler products. Topics selected from determinants, game theory, graph theory, marker chains, and linear programming. Prerequisite: MAT 310.

MAT 418-Numerical Analysis (3)

Elementary discussion of errors, polynomial interpolation, quadrature, linear systems of equations, solutions of non-linear equations, numerical differentiation, integration, and solutions to differential equations. Prerequisite: MAT 401.

MAT 440-Vector Calculus (3)

The study of vector algebra, properties of transformations, curves and surfaces, line and surface integrals, Greens’ theorem, Stokes’ theorem, and Gauss’’ theorem. Prerequisite: MAT 238.

MAT 444-Mathematical Logic (3)

Informal and formal development of propositional calculus, predicate calculus, and predicate calculus with equality. The study of the completeness theorem and some consequences. Prerequisite: MAT 345.

MAT 458-Operations Management and Linear Programming (3)

(For course description see BUS 458)

MAT 470-Mathematics Seminar (3)

In-depth study of some topic or topics of current interest to Mathematics faculty and advanced students. Students will be expected to do independent research and to present their findings in a small-group setting. Instructor’s permission required.

MAT 490-Internship (1-3)

The practical application of mathematical knowledge in an applied setting will be studied. The location and nature of the internship for the Learning Contract must be approved by the Department Head and the Dean.