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Degrees and Majors

BS Accounting   Overview
BS Adolescence Education - English   Overview
BS Adolescence Education - Math   Overview
BS Adolescence Education - Social Studies   Overview
MA Ancient Judaism and Christian Origins   Overview
BA Biblical and Theological Studies   Overview
MA Biblical Literature NT   Overview
MA Biblical Literature OT   Overview
AA Biblical Studies   Overview
BA Biology   Overview
AS Business Administration   Overview
BS Business Administration   Overview
MBA Business Administration   Overview
BS Childhood Education   Overview
MS Childhood Education   Overview
BS/MS Childhood Special Education   Overview
MS Childhood Special Education   Overview
MPS Christian Ministry   Overview
BS Communications   Overview
MusB Composition   Overview
BS Computer Science   Overview
BS Criminal Justice   Overview
DMin Doctor of Ministry   Overview
BS Early Childhood Education   Overview
BS Early Childhood-Childhood Education   Overview
BA English   Overview
BA History   Overview
MS Inclusive Education   Overview
MusB Instrumental Performance   Overview
BA Intercultural Studies   Overview
MA Intercultural Studies   Overview
BA/BS Interdisciplinary Studies   Overview
AA Liberal Arts and Sciences   Overview
MA Marriage and Family Therapy   Overview
BA Mathematics   Overview
MA Mental Health Counseling   Overview
AS Music   Overview
BA Music   Overview
MusB Music Education   Overview
BS Music in Worship   Overview
RN to BS Nursing   Overview
MS Organizational Leadership   Overview
BS Organizational Management   Overview
BPS Organizational Management   Overview
BS Pastoral Ministry   Overview
BA Philosophy   Overview
MusB Piano Performance   Overview
AA Pre-Nursing Program/
Liberal Arts and Sciences: Sciences
BA Psychology   Overview
BA Religion   Overview
BS Social Work   Overview
BA Sociology   Overview
MAT, MS TESOL   Overview
MDiv Theology and Missions   Overview
MPS Urban Ministry   Overview
MusB Voice Performance   Overview
BS Youth & Family Studies   Overview