Master of Social Work Program

MSW Program Mission Statement

The mission of the Nyack College Master of Social Work Program is to prepare students in a Christian context with knowledge, values, and skills of the social work profession for competent and compassionate service and leadership with integrity, in order to increase the well-being of all people and promote just and caring communities locally, nationally, and globally.

  1. To provide a curriculum that equips students for competent practice with knowledge, values, and skills of the social work profession guided by a person-in-environment framework, strengths perspective and evidence based practice, respect for human diversity, and a global perspective.
  2. To provide a transformational learning environment that models integration of Christian faith with learning that helps students grow personally, professionally, and spiritually, and promote their compassion and commitment to the calling that is consistent with the Christian values of loving God and serving all people.
  3. To prepare students for service and leadership in public and private sector including faith-based organizations responding to community needs.
  4. To produce students who are able to identify and think critically about the multiple causes of problems, the nature and dynamics of change, and strategies for bringing about reconciliation and social justice with particular attention to underserved urban populations.
  5. To provide a stimulating, challenging, and supportive environment that facilitates students’ commitment to on-going growth and development.