Languages Offered

Learn French without stress! Did you have to translate and memorize when you learned English as a child? Our French curriculum is designed to guide you in learning the language naturally and build continuously on what you've learned without those boring repetitive exercises.

Professor Paul Pouliot is a qualified native French speaking instructor who will guide you to refine your pronunciation and speak confidently in real conversations. Since our class is stress free, you can focus on learning - and have fun along the way.

French classes include field trips to French speaking events nearby. If you are looking for a class to learn a major language in a fun atmosphere with opportunities to speak French with native French speakers, then join the French classes at Nyack College.
Hola! Come learn Spanish at Nyack. Spanish is the most popular language program on campus. Our classes begin with a strong communicative approach and lead to higher level courses that explore grammar and literature.
Students taking the preliminary year of Spanish focus on communicating with others using the spoken word. Intermediate level courses begin to focus on more reading and writing features of Spanish. Students in upper level Spanish courses will read and discuss Spanish literature in the Spanish language!

Come join these fantastic classes; enjoy the trips to Spanish speaking events! Students visit Spanish speaking churches, Spanish restaurants, and other Spanish events in the area.
Nyack offers courses in Basic Mandarin. Come join these fun and communicative courses to learn the most popular language in the world! The first year courses focus on basic communication via the spoken language. Students work with native
speakers to learn this beautiful and get a glimpse into the major culture of the East.

Students also enjoy field trips and excursions into Chinese events in New York, and enjoy Chinese foods. Summer trips are also planned for students interested in traveling to China to further their learning experience.
Sign Language
Students interested in gaining a basic understanding of American Sign Language (ASL) can take two semesters of ASL.
Nyack offers an introductory course in the essentials of German conversation and culture. The approach is communicative and each class will provide practice in the four language skills, listening, speaking, reading, and writing. Availability subject to student demand.
Nyack offer basic courses in Italian which includes the essentials of Italian conversation and culture. Come learn the language of the great empire. Students will quickly learn to converse in Italian ad well as learn about the many cultural attractions in Italian. Availability subject to student demand.
Contracted Study in Language Courses (Swahili, Hindi)
Students interested in learning a language that is not currently offered may apply for Contracted study in Language.
Future Language Offerings
Japanese, Korean, Russian
The Modern Languages and Linguistics Department is planning to offer more courses to satisfy the varied interests our students have. If you are interested in having a class built, please contact the department chair (