Welcome to the Department of World Language and Linguistics

Our Vision: Language mastery to connect to the world
The World Languages & Linguistics Department is one of Nyack College's cultural portals to the people, cultures and literature of world. Nyack offers programs in at least five different languages to enhance your future; these include German, Spanish, American Sign Language, Italian, and Mandarin Chinese. The Modern Languages & Linguistics Department encourages all students to pursue study abroad programs and assists students in finding a program suitable to their needs and interests. Come experience both the intellectual and personal enrichment that comes with learning new languages, meeting new Christians and encountering the many cultures they inhabit.
Hoping to learn a different language?
Are you interested in learning another language? Nyack also offers Contracted Study Courses where students can learn a less popular language in much smaller classes. Some students are currently learning Swahili, Arabic and Hindi.
Are you looking for more information?
Please call or email the department
(845)-675-4523 Jonathan.Gates@nyack.edu