Alumni Challenge


Dear Alumni, 

The miracle has happened!

Now that Nyack College has a new campus home in New York City, it is our time to give back.

Alumni giving provides far more than just financial support for Nyack – it expresses the value we place on our Nyack experiences and the success of future programs and classes. What value do you place on your Nyack experience? As Alumni Board President and a proud member of our alumni community, I encourage you to join me in supporting the Miracle in Manhattan Campaign. Together, as alumni, we have the ability to influence and improve the future of Nyack College as well as the future of today’s students.

Now is our time to contribute to this milestone in Nyack’s history that will make a difference in Nyack’s future!

Dwight D. Safer ‘93
President, Nyack College Alumni Association


There are many opportunities for everyone—administrators, faculty, staff, alumni, and friends of Nyack—to be a part of our "Miracle in Manhattan."

How can you participate?

We’ve created an alumni competition called the “Chair Challenge.” Our new classrooms at 2 Washington Street need 1,850 chairs. Each chair—provides students ergonomic comfort and casters which includes a collapsible desktop costs $350. The challenge is to see which alumni year will lead the pack in giving towards outfitting our classrooms with this key piece of furniture.

A generous friend of the college has offered to match alumni giving dollar for dollar up to $100,000. This is an important display of philanthropy that shows how highly regarded Nyack is. 

You can choose to make a one-time gift of $350 designated for the chair or you can opt to make contributions towards your $350 gift on a monthly basis. Click here to complete the form indicating how you’d like to make your gift of a chair.

For more information, please contact Jeff Quinn, Vice President for College Relations at 845.675.4425.