M.Div. Intercultural Studies


The purpose of the M.Div. / Mission track degree is designed to produce whole people for general leadership in Christian service, whether in their own or in another culture, by bringing into dialogue the various dimensions of theological education.

These dimensions are (1) church and academy, (2) theology and social science inquiry, (3) the biblical world and the contemporary world, (4) classroom and experience, (5) character and competence, and (6) wisdom and skill.

Goals of the Master in Divinity / Mission Track Degree:

  1. To lay a foundation for personal development, moral integrity, biblical and theological knowledge, cultural understandings, and necessary skills for ministry.
  2. To focus development on (a) the person who ministers with spiritual maturity, (b) a hands-on ecclesiology and commitment to the Church as the context for global ministry, mission, and service, and (c) ministry capabilities as a set of relational skills that must be learned and applied.
  3. To promote the integration of the personal, theological, and practical components of holistic ministry.
  4. To equip persons for a broad range of Christian service responsibilities, especially for ordained and/or licensed ministry in The Christian and Missionary Alliance and other denominations.

There are four Spiritual Formation Courses in the M.Div. program. These courses are designed to give structure and guidance to the student’s spiritual growth and maturity. Through a combination of class sessions, mentoring groups, spiritual disciplines and retreats we encourage one another in our intimacy with God.

Most classes are offered in 3 hour blocks scheduling; morning, afternoon, and evening classes. Some classes are offered on Saturdays, online, or through attending different conferences around the world with AGSIM faculty and staff.

M.Div. internship:

During the second year of the M.Div. program students will complete a ministry internship in a local church or on an overseas mission’s team. During that time they will be mentored by a pastor or missionary and / or an ATS professor as they begin to acquire the skills necessary for ministry in the local church / mission field.