M.Div. Intercultural Studies


This degree is a 96-credit curriculum that is designed to produce whole people for general leadership in Christian service, whether in their own or in another country, by bringing into dialogue the various dimensions of theological education:  church and academy, theology and social science, biblical world and the contemporary world, classroom and experience, character and competence, and wisdom and skill. 

Degree Overview:

At AGSIM we are as concerned about personal formation and skill acquisition as we are about academic training.  Because of this, AGSIM students take special mission seminars that place them in weekly ministries and also participate in spiritual formation classes and mentoring groups, led by missionaries and professors. 

Most classes are offered in 3 hour blocks scheduling; morning, afternoon, and evening classes.  Some classes are offered on Saturdays, online, or through attending different conferences around the world with AGSIM faculty and staff. 

M.Div. Cross-Cultural internship: 

During the second year of the M.Div. program students will complete a ministry internship in a local church or on an overseas mission’s team. During that time they will be mentored by a pastor or missionary and / or an ATS professor as they begin to acquire the skills necessary for ministry in the local church / mission field.  ATS faculty and staff will assist you in finding placement for your internship that fits the students particular gifting and skills.