MBA: Onsite Program


Onsite Program Overview

The Nyack College MBA Onsite Program affords the learner with an opportunity to complete the MBA journey within a sixteen month time frame.   The courses are run serially in a small cohort environment, providing a community experience and peer support for each student.  Since the cohort size is small, it ensures that each student receives personal, hands-on attention, as we believe in the individual and their personal and professional transformation.  Courses are offered both on Saturdays in Nyack and on two weeknights in Manhattan, thus allowing students the flexibility of coordinating their educational pursuit with their ongoing professional commitments.  Each course is five weeks in duration (except the three one-day required seminars which are held on Saturdays throughout the program).  During the program, at least two courses will be offered online to afford the student a break of having to physically attend the onsite classes, and to gain the experience of taking courses in an online venue.
Our program is clearly focused on Social Responsibility and Entrepreneurship, understanding that entrepreneurship is not only about “new” ventures, but about creativity and innovation for new ventures or existing organizations.  Our well defined capstone process and project allow the student to apply their learning for a meaningful creation of a viable and real business plan.  Each student is afforded an individual advisor to guide them with their capstone project.  
As a Christian college, we are not apologetic about our Christian principles, as they serve as a guide post for everything that we do.

Technical Requirements

• Consistent access to a computer with a high-speed internet connection
• Ability to run Flash Players
• Ability to send/receive e-mails and e-mail attachments
• Ability to download files
• Ability to conduct research via the internet
• Proficiency in Microsoft Office (i.e. Word, Power Point, Excel)