MBA Onsite FAQ

At what time do the weeknight and Saturday classes meet?
Weeknight classes meet from 6:00-10:00pm, twice a week in Manhattan and Saturday classes meet from 9:00am-5:00pm in Nyack.  Students are expected to attend for the full class period.  Tardiness or early departure has a negative learning impact on all students, especially because of the group exercises, oral presentations and group discussions; therefore, tardiness or early departure will be taken into account in the grade for any course.
What is the duration of each course?
Each course is five weeks in duration and the courses follow each other in sequence, one course at a time as laid out under “Curriculum” on the EXPLORE Tab under MBA Links.    
Can I miss class during the five weeks?
Because a large portion of the learning in the program takes place in the classroom, attendance at all class meetings is mandatory, unless the instructor has been notified prior to the absence and has approved the absence.  When a student misses a class, for whatever reason, he or she must consult with the instructor about making up the class.  It is then up to the instructor to decide the requirements for addressing missed classes.  A course must be retaken if the student has more than two absences for weeknight courses and more than one absence for Saturday courses.  The program administration recognizes that emergencies do happen; however, lateness for, or early departure from half the classes in any course will be considered the equivalent of one full absence.
Are there online aspects required in the onsite program?
At least two courses will be offered online to afford the student a break of having to physically attend the onsite classes and to gain the experience of taking courses in an online venue.  All course assignments will be submitted electronically and grades will be posted online, as well as feedback from the professor.  Some professors also choose to utilize other online aspects as well, such as the lecture material and online discussion forums in an asynchronous mode.
What concentrations are offered and am I guaranteed the concentration chosen?
The MBA offers four concentrations:  Entrepreneurial Management, Marketing, Finance and Accounting (to qualify for the Accounting Concentration, you must already have a total of 24 accounting credits, as the New York State requirement for CPA licensure requires a total of 33 credits in accounting.  The remaining 9 credits will be attained through the Accounting Concentration courses for a total of 33 credits).  
The offering of concentrations is dependent upon a sufficient number of students to merit offering a concentration.  It is at the discretion of the MBA Director to determine if a concentration will be offered, and if it will be offered at both locations, one location or online.  During the EP Seminar Series II each student will choose both a first and second choice of concentration.