M.A. Intercultural Studies & Missions


The M.A. in Intercultural Studies builds a strong foundation in biblical and theological studies.  The purpose of this program is to prepare students for leadership in cross-cultural Christian service and ministries reacted to the global expansion of the church in urban, international and intercultural contexts

Degree Overview:

At AGSIM we are as concerned about personal formation and skill acquisition as we are about academic training.  Because of this, AGSIM students take special mission seminars that place them in weekly ministries and also participate in spiritual formation classes and mentoring groups, led by missionaries and professors. 

Most classes are offered in 3 hour blocks scheduling; morning, afternoon, and evening classes.  Some classes are offered on Saturdays, online, or through attending different conferences around the world with AGSIM faculty and staff. 

M.A. Summative Project or Comprehensive Examination: 

Students will choose between a written comprehensive examination or a written project based on field data collected in a second continent context. The purpose of this requirement is to enable the student to demonstrate knowledge and ability to interact with the theory and practice of cross-cultural ministry and mission in an integrative way. The student will work with their adviser to determine which option will better serve the student a semester before they intend to complete this requirement.