Nyack College Launch - Commuter Tips


Dear Commuter Students, 

You are a valuable part of our Nyack College community. We would like to invite you to join us for a special lunch from 12pm - 1pm on Tuesday January 19th. We want to take the time to recognize some additional resources and information that you might need to make your time at Nyack as a commuter successful. 

If you are able Tuesday January 19th is the best day for you to attend our JUMP program as most of the information will be given and provided on that day. If you can not attend on January 19th, please be sure to let your admissions counselor know so that we can help get the information to you. 

Looking forward to seeing you,
The JUMP Orientation Team

Orientation Tips

At Nyack, opportunities abound for commuter students to be engaged! From classes to social events, there are many ways to be involved, with little additional effort. The following tips can help:

  1. Make the most of New Student Orientation.
    Orientation is mandatory for all new students. By participating in these activities, commuter students find additional ways to connect to Nyack through meeting more people and experiencing some engaging aspects of college life.
  2. Get to know your professors!
    This advice is good no matter where students live. Faculty can be a tremendous resource for Nyack students, and they really care. If there are special circumstances about commuting that they should know, it is always good to discuss the information with professors.
  3. Plan to be on campus for more than courses.
    Activities and events happen at all times of the day at Nyack! Commuters really don’t have to look far to find something to do. Experience lunch or dinner in the Cafeteria with some residents; go to the library; join a study group or create a new one; apply for an on-campus job; visit the Writing Center, Fitness Center…and so much more! At Nyack, commuters are welcome to participate fully in all that is offered, and most campus services and events are free.
  4. Check Nyack email & Campus mailbox
    E-mail is a widely used method of communication at Nyack, so be sure to check it! Not only will faculty and staff communicate individually important messages that way, there are campus wide emails to share upcoming events, emergency messages, and more. It is really a great tool to use to know what is happening on campus, and even off-campus (trip sign-ups, for instance!).
  5. Display the decal and park in commuter designated places.
    There are designated spots on campus for commuters to park. Parking in other areas is not permitted, and tickets will be issued. Not to worry, there are plenty of commuter spaces on campus, and by arriving with extra time before classes or events begin, students can be sure to be on time. Commuters can get their decals during orientation, if it is convenient for them, or by the end of the first week of classes. To register a vehicle, commuting students will need:
    • Driver’s license, vehicle registration and insurance card.
    • For more information on the Nyack Vehicle Policy please go here