Wanna Go? Resources

For Trade:

Anyone going to Mozambique this summer? A student has Meticais for swap at a great rate. Contact GSL@nyack.edu

Travel Tip of the Week:

Scan copies of your passport and visa pages and email it to yourself instead of/in addition to your paper copies. Then if you lose your documents you will always have them available to you at the nearest internet cafe abroad. -SR,

Create your own 'business cards' for when you travel. Not only are they a valued gift in many contexts, they are also readily available when time is not.                                                                                        -SR

Always keep 20-50 USD in small denominations of local currency in an easily accessable place and away from your money pouch or wallet. You will be able to pay quickly without flashing too much cash and will be able to pay the exact amount without asking a taxi driver for change (which they rarely have).  -SR