Nyack College Information Center

The Information Center is located in the following locations:
  • Rockland Campus: Main entrance of Boon Campus Center
  • ATS Campus: Main entrance on the 2nd floor
  • Manhattan Campus: 20th floor

The Center houses the college switchboard, general college information and area maps/bus schedules. Students may also turn in their Traffic Appeals at the Information Center. You may reach the information desk of your campus by dialing “O” from any campus phone, or you may dial x4000 for the Rockland Campus, x5000 for the ATS Campus, and x6000 for the Manhattan Campus.

Lost & Found

The Information Center also serves as the primary location for all “lost and found” items picked up around the campus. Speak to the switchboard operator there to report an item lost, to see if it has been turned in, or to bring an item found. A log is kept of all items lost and found. If an item with identification is found, a note will be placed in the student’s mailbox notifying him/her. Objects of value (wallets, cell phones, cameras and other electronics) can only be picked up between 9am and 5pm as they are kept in a secure location after hours.

Parking Appeals

Parking ticket appeal forms are available in the Information Center. Once the form is filled out, attach the parking ticket to the form and submit it to the Information Center. The Facilities Department will process the form and notify the student if the appeal has been granted.