Intercultural Studies Faculty


Dr. Scott Reitz is an assistant professor of Intercultural Studies. He is a dynamic teacher who effectively utilizes active and experiential learning models inside and outside the classroom. He has taught in seventeen countries, providing students with global opportunities to study each year. His courses include International Relief, Sustainable Development, Cross-Cultural Adjustment, Funding Projects and Ministries, and the Survey of Developing Nations. Dr. Reitz has a Ph.D. in Global Leadership. He has worked in community development in both the African and Asian contexts.. His research interests include intercultural teams, humanitarian action, and virtual teams.


Professor Steve Nehlsen teaches World Religions and Cultural Anthropology. Steve’s thirty-seven years of living in West Africa, as both a child and an international worker, has provided him with a rich cultural background to bring to his classes. He has taught many courses for Nyack College including Intercultural Teams, Introduction to Global Engagement, and Theology of Mission and Justice. Steve is currently working on a doctoral dissertation, focusing on “The Effect of Ancestor Veneration on First Generation Christians in the Alliance Church of Burkina Faso.” His twenty-two years of service in West Africa involved communicating the Gospel to Muslims, working to help create a center for girls at risk, and leading a team of international workers in Burkina Faso.