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Hello, My name is Amber Arteaga. Graduate of Nyack College December 2015, woot woot!
I studied Business Administration and Intercultural Studies.Through my studies at Nyack, I've had the chance to combine the two things I enjoy: Business and Humanitarian work. I have the privilege to work as the Business Manager for the Emergency Services department of The Salvation Army Greater New York Division. This has allowed me to work directly with those affected by this past hurricane season, through New York City's Hurricane Evacuee Service Center and work with Salvation Army's personnel for their deployment arrangements to impacted areas in the Caribbean. Through Rescue Alliance's “Don't Walk By” initiative, I also get to work in partnership with other faith based non-profits who share compassion for our homeless neighbors in New York City. I am able to help with the day to day operations on the finance end, while working closely with those who have been marginalized. The Intercultural Studies program at Nyack taught me how to work in teams, think holistically, and how to care for people with dignity.