Nyack College Housing Terms and Conditions

  1. Housing Availability. On-campus housing is available to accepted and attending full-time students in the traditional undergraduate program. Students who move into campus housing and fail to complete their registration by the end of the registration period will forfeit their space.
  2. Contract Length. The housing contract is effective for the current academic year. Moving off campus is only allowed during the summer and winter breaks. If you decide to move off campus during the fall and spring semester, you will be responsible for full semester room and board charges that will be applied to your account. No prorated refunds will be processed during fall or spring semesters. Students who have signed up to be a resident student and then decide to move off campus must fill out the Off Campus Request Form, see their student financial aid counselor and be approved by Student Development by August 1st. All full-time students who have not submitted an Off Campus Request Form by August 1st or have been denied off campus residency will be considered a resident and be financially responsible for semester room and board charges. A student who graduates, academically drops, withdraws, or for any other reason does not continue as a registered student will not be permitted to live in Nyack College housing.
  3. Upperclassmen residences (Dunbar and Jaffray for males, Bethany and Harmony for females) are primarily for junior and senior students.To live in upperclassmen housing, the following requirements must be met:
a. All students requesting to live in upperclassmen housing will need to go through an interview process with members from the Residence Life staff before they are placed.
b. Priority is given to junior and senior students who complete the interview process and have at least a 3.5 GPA.
c. Students who do not have a 3.5 GPA may apply, but will need to pass the interview process in order to be considered. Students who do not have a 3.5 GPA must exhibit a strong desire to excel, display good character, and show a willingness to comply with the standards placed by the Residence Life Office.
d. All students requesting to go into upperclassmen housing must not have any disciplinary sanctions on file with Student Development.
While the College will attempt to honor Student’s preference for a particular room style and location, the College cannot guarantee that students will receive their top preferences. Students will indicate their top preferences as part of the application process. The College reserves the right to change housing assignments at anytime at its sole discretion.
  1. Roommate Assignments. Incoming students may request to live with specific individuals or individuals with complementary living habits when applying for on-campus housing. Students will be asked to complete roommate(s) preferences indicating their living habits and/or desire for specific roommates. The College will utilize this information when making assignments and will attempt to accommodate mutually requested room assignments, but cannot guarantee such assignments. Students may change assigned rooms during the summer and winter breaks. Room changes during the fall and spring semester may occur only with permission of the Residence Life Office.
a. Requested roommates who are not cleared or have Residence Life fines: Each student has the option to request roommates on their housing application. If the requested roommates have not applied, are not cleared or have Residence Life fines, the Auxiliary Services office will hold their place until July 15th, at which point the college reserves the right to place another student in the room.
  1. Personal Property/insurance. Each student is responsible for the safety and security of their personal property and is encouraged to get their own insurance coverage for any loss or damage to personal property. The College has no legal responsibility for a student’s personal property.
  2. Room Search. The College reserves the right to enter and search any area to inspect the facility for purposes of management, health, safety and compliance with applicable rules and regulations. Conditions for room entry and searches are outlined in the Nyack College Student Handbook.
  3. Maintenance of Premises. Student agrees to maintain the room and its furnishings with reasonable care and to make payment for any damage or loss promptly upon demand by the College. The Student agrees to be jointly responsible with other residents for the protection of the College-owned housing, its furnishings and equipment.
  4. Prohibitions. For reasons of health and safety, specific items are not permitted in the residence hall complexes. A complete list of prohibited items may be found in the Student Handbook.
  5. Unsatisfied Financial Obligations. Unsatisfied financial obligations will result in the college withholding your housing assignment until your account has been settled.