The Honors Program at Nyack College


For the last fifteen years, the Nyack College Honors Program has provided students with exceptional intellectual curiosity an accelerated and enhanced collegiate experience.  Program faculty integrate classroom and field study, invest in student’s holistic growth, and foster a vibrant learning community through retreats, domestic and foreign travel, seminars, research projects, and community outreach. 

The Honors Program features numerous curricular and extra-curricular innovations designed to engage emerging scholars.  In addition to its many activities that take advantage of our proximity to the museums, theaters, and other cultural sites in metropolitan New York, the Honors Program offers a unique core curriculum. Students admitted to the honors program substitute a 16 credit interdisciplinary humanities core for five courses from the traditional core curriculum. Four semesters of Global Humanities, to be taken during the freshman and sophomore years, replace Introduction to Philosophy, Fine Arts, Global Literature, and World History I and II. Each course examines the history, philosophy, literature, and art of the 1) Ancient world, 2) Medieval world, 3) Early Modern and 4) Contemporary era. The study of each period is designed to provide the student with a comprehensive and interdisciplinary, liberal education essential to producing outstanding Christian leaders for the 21st Century.   

In addition to the Humanities core, Honors students take Honors Bible courses as well as Honors Writing, Honors Seminar, Honors Research, and Honors Humanities Lab. Students have the opportunity to show competency in math and science to fulfill the college requirement. The Honors curriculum is completed with the capstone senior project.

Honors students take a core curriculum of 47 credits instead of the standard core curriculum of 52 credits, which allows students more liberty and individual choice in the creation of the remainder of the curriculum.  (Click here for the honors core curriculum)

The professors who will teach sections of the honors courses are:

  • Jonathan Gates, Ph.D. Drew University (Professor of English and Chair of the English Department);
  • Steven Bennett, Ph.D. Manchester University (Professor of Bible):
  • Jeffrey Dueck, Ph.D., State University of Buffalo (Associate Professor of Philosophy Department);
  • Elio Cuccaro, Ph.D., Drew University (Professor of Theology);
  • Amy Davis, Ph.D., Drew University (Associate Professor of Bible);
  • Larry Poston, Ph.D., Northwestern University (Professor of Religion);
  • Kevin Pinkham, Ph.D., University of Southern California (Assistant Professor of English);
  • Dr. David Weir, PhD, Princeton University and University of St. Andrews (Professor of History);
  • Linda Poston, MLS, Long Island University (Dean of the Library)

The Director of the program is Dr. Jonathan Gates ( 

Please see attached application. (Click here for application)

This program is offered at the Rockland Campus.