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Spring 2010 Honors Retreat
The Honors Program's Spring Semester 2010 Retreat
The D.C Experience

January 29th-31st 2010


Travel with the Honors Program to our Nation's Capital! Opportunities abound for learning, fellowship, and discovery. This will be a great experience to transition into the start of a new semester...Don't miss out!



Featuring a visit to the Holocaust Museum and other D.C attractions!
  • As a group, we will visit the National Holocaust Museum, where we will continue our study of Darfur's genocide in the context of the tragic history of the 20th Century.
  • Use free time to explore other sites Washington has to offer us!
  • http://www.ushmm.org



FORUM and WORSHIP at the National Cathedral
  • Visit America's 2nd largest cathedral and be challenged by a Christian statesman in this historical landmark.
  • House of Representatives Tom Perriello will discuss his work as a National Security consultant in Darfur and other war-ravaged areas in light of Christian faith.
  • http://www.nationalchathedral.org
 Previous Events
 2009 Christmas Party
On December 8th 2009, students in the Honors Program enjoyed a relaxing evening of dessert, fellowship, and discussion in celebration of the approaching Christmas season.