Hands of Compassion


Hands of Compassion is a team of students who wake up early on Saturday mornings and go into Manhattan to bring sandwiches and clothing to the homeless...

but more than that we offer our hearts.

We listen to the stories, the needs, the heartache of the people we meet. That’s the most valuable thing we have to offer. By listening, offering a prayer, or heartfelt empathetic encouragement we show Jesus' love for the neglected and needy.

Hands of Compassion Snapshot

We met a woman once who was sitting in a corridor in Penn Station on a little stool painting flowers on cards to sell. She refused to take a sandwich but talked with us for a long while. She had fallen on hard times and ended up on the streets, yet she loved to paint and thanked God for giving her a viable skill. She was working to fulfill her dream of painting in a real studio some day. She was so filled with Christ's love and peace that she ended up encouraging us. It was so humbling. I bought one of her cards and I hung it on my wall to remind me to pray for her and the others we have met on the street. It was beautiful.

-Kate Burns, Team Leader