The Faithful Narrative

The Bible Department E-Journal

We are committed to training our majors in the skill of theological writing.  Towards this end, we hope to engage actively in electronic publishing, posting student and faculty papers in the area of Bible and Theology. 

The e-journal title, “The Faithful Narrative,” from Jonathan Edward’s stirring account of the First Great Awakening, captures our interests well.  First, we seek to be biblical: “faithful” to God’s inspired Word.  Second, we seek to be conversant with the postmodern world: articulating a meaningful “narrative” of life to postmoderns who have long abandoned the search for one.  Third, we seek to be open-minded toward any new work that God may be doing among his people, as Edwards “faithfully narrated” the strange but wonderful revival occurring before his eyes.


"Liturgy and Postmoderns" by Amy Davis

"Biblical Materials for a Theology of Cultural Diversity" by Frank Chan

"Intelligent Design as Apologetic Argument" by Frank Chan