About Us


Our Facilities Department is responsible for two main areas:  

Custodial:  Providing a clean campus through daily cleaning of public and common areas, classrooms, offices, and resident hall restrooms (when not occupied)                                

Maintenance:  Caring for the physical buildings through preventative, routine and as-needed work request maintenance. 

Much of what this department does is problem solving - like fixing heating and air conditioning issues, unclogging toilets, addressing electrical issues and assisting the I.T. Department in keeping everyone connected. The work can often be dirty and uncomfortable, but our teams work together with great attitudes and big hearts to keep things going.  As Steve Maraboli says, "Happiness is not the absence of problems – it’s the ability to deal with them."


DOUGLAS (Doug) WALKER, Front Line Manager and Director of Facility Services, is the son of a Christian and Missionary Alliance Pastor who served in several churches. Doug graduated from Nyack College in 1991, then Alliance Theological Seminary in 1995. Heand his wife, Tracy, have 3 sons, Connor, Brennen and Aiden.  

Doug was a Youth Pastor from 1995 until 2000.  For the next 2 years, he managed a rental unit property before becoming a test driver for a fork lift lab.

He joined the Aramark Facilities team at Nyack College Graduate School and Seminary in May of  2005 as the operations manager.  Doug’s knowledge of the different trades and his natural ability to lead made him the ideal choice to become Director of Facilities in 2010.    He considers Nyack his home, as he has been here longer than anywhere else in his life.  Doug and his wife, Tracy, have 3 sons, Connor, Brennen and Aiden.

Doug oversees all aspects of preventative and day to day maintenance and housekeeping at both the Rockland and New York City campuses.  He works collaboratively with faculty, staff and students to enhance the educational experience and environment.  The crew of approximately 20 Housekeepers and 15 Tradesmen keep Nyack’s campuses clean and maintained. 

Doug’s responsibilities cover a wide range beyond building maintenance and custodial upkeep. He is also charged with caring for the grounds, facilities planning and repair.  IN addition to these, he oversees campus safety. Doug works to ensure that care and maintenance of the buildings, grounds and college vehicles meet or exceed county, state and federal codes in all areas. 

Doug has further enhanced the Security of the campus in several ways.  Surveillance cameras have been added to more buildings and areas so that intruders or inappropriate activities can be detected early. Parking permits and citations are now issued electronically rather than manually, making this part of security more efficient and precise.

Doug works continually to grow Nyack College’s relationship with the Village of South Nyack.  Joint projects as well as individual projects by either Nyack College or the Village are coordinated so that little interruption is made to the campus during utility or street work.  Doug is also working alongside the Village to enhance the beauty of the campus in conjunction with Aramark’s and Nyack College’s beautification projects.

When students go home for the summer, Doug and his teams step up their schedules to make repairs, restore furniture, paint where needed, do deep cleaning and whatever else needs done to prepare for the next semester, all the while working with the many summer conferences that take place on campus.

Doug is concerned about so much more than just “getting the job done.”  He takes personal interest in each of his staff.  He encourages individuals to identify and grow in their abilities, talents and skills, then carries that in to exercises in teamwork and productivity. He builds his teams by recognizing personalities that work well together, then matches them to balance strengths and weaknesses.

RICHARD (Richie) LOPEZ, Assistant Facilities Manager, was born in Hell’s Kitchen on the West Side of Manhattan.  Richie graduated from the Power Memorial Academy, a Catholic High School. He has a son, Michael and a daughter, Rachel.

He worked in different positions for two years after graduation, then became the manager of the warehouse for MCA Home Videos where he worked from 1980 to 1992.  In 1992, Richie became the Supervisor of Quality Assurance for Liz Claiborne until 2000, when he became the Dispatch Supervisor for Metro Plex, a Distribution Company for McDonald’s.

Richie joined the Aramark team here at Nyack College Facilities in January of 2009. He came on as a painter, but quickly became a valuable part of all of the operations of the Buildings and Grounds crew, and especially assisted in the Housekeeping Department. He was promoted to the Custodial Manager and moved to the NYC Campus in January of 2014.

Rich commented that the decision to move to the Manhattan Campus was difficult, even though in one sense it felt like going “home.” However, this summer (2017), Rich began to divide his time between Manhattan and Nyack as he took on more of the overall management. 

Of the Nyack College facilities team, Richie says his co-workers supported him through some very hard times. They are, in many ways, “family.” Richie appreciates working with and for Aramark and Nyack College. He says he feels blessed to work here, but we believe he is the one who blesses all those he comes in to contact with.

(LUIS) ALBERTO AGUAS, Supervisor of Housekeeping Services, was born in Columbia and came to the United States when he was 28.  He and his wife, Senith, were married in August of 1992.  In 2016, they renewed their vows.  He and Senith have 4 adult children and 1 grandson, Luis Michael.

Alberto attended several schools to obtain an education in fields of technology.  One of those schools is the School of Diego Hernandez De Gallegos in Columbia.

Here in the United States, Alberto studied at the University of New York, Bronx Community College (where he studied Building Maintenance), ACI Environmental Safety Institute (where he was certified as a Fire Safety Director), Hudson County School of Technology and Bergan County Technical School. He is constantly trying to expand his knowledge in all fields of facility maintenance.

Alberto joined our Aramark at Nyack Facilities Team in 1994.  During his 24 years here, he has used all of the abilities and training to help and to teach other team members.  We appreciate his humble and generous heart.

SAMUEL AKWAA, Lead Officer of Security, comes from Ghana, West Africa, between Ivory Coast on the west and Togo, on the east. He studied at Abrui Sec Tech. He moved to the United States in August of 1997.  He has three (3) beautiful children: Evelyn, Yaw and Afua.

When he first came to the U.S., Sam worked as a Warehouse Supervisor for Intellesale.com. In 2004, he began working as a Security Guard simultaneously for Command Security and SSC (Security Systems of Connecticut). In 2013, he became Lead Officer of Security (SSC) here at Nyack College and left Command Security to devote his time exclusively to the college.                                                      

Sam commented that he likes everything about the college staff and the environment. Besides making us feel safe and secure, when he flashes his big bright smile, Sam makes the campus a brighter place to be.                    

VICTORIA AGUAS, Office Manager, joined our staff in November of 2015.   You might say that Nyack is part of her heritage.  Her mother, Senith, began working here in 1995 in Housekeeping. As mentioned above, her father, Luis Alberto, has been part of the Nyack-Aramark team  since 1994.

After high school, Victoria attended Lincoln Technical School where she studied to become a medical assistant.  For now, she is managing the office and dealing with billing and a multitude of other responsibilities.  Ultimately, she would like to become a pediatric nurse who works with young cancer patients. 


Our custodial staff is a delightful blend of people from Jamaica, Cuba, Haiti, the Dominican Republic, Puerto Rico, Columbia, Ecuador, Cambodia and the United States. They do so much more than keep our Campus buildings clean. They bring joy as they work with happy hearts and warm smiles. Many of them say they love being around the students, and often offer a shoulder to lean on, or share a word of encouragement.  They pray for the campus community, and share their hearts and hope with all of us.


Approximately 15 Tradesmen care for our campus and grounds. We have great carpenters, plumbers, HVAC technicians, groundskeepers, electricians and general maintenance staff.  Many of our tradesmen have been with us for more than 10 years, and a few more than 20 years. Their gifts, talents and dedication keep the campus a safe, beautiful and comfortable place for our faculty, staff and students.