Welcome to the Center for Teaching Excellence and Faculty Resources!


The office of the Dean of the Center for Teaching Excellence and Faculty Resources is about faculty flourishing. See below for details.

The mission is to support the Kingdom centered mission of Nyack College/ATS through the flourishing of its faculty.

The vision is to enfold, encourage, equip, and unleash faculty to be persons of personal growth who teach with excellence.   

  • Enfolding includes New Faculty Orientation and first year new faculty mentoring.  
  • Encourage includes working with and through Department heads so faculty are lead well, as well as institutional initiatives that contribute to personal, spiritual, and professional support. 
  • Equipping will take place through faculty seminars, colloquiums, and workshops held on “faculty days” and at other times. 
  • Unleashing is helping faculty maximize their strengths in their careers as professional in both their teaching and other scholarly activities.

Core Values include…

*Listen first to stakeholders.

*Team whenever possible.

*Keep an eye on “measurable” making Administration and Accreditors happy.

*Enjoy the journey.

Led by Len Kageler, Ph.D.