Information for SF603: Field Education Mentors


Information for SF603: Field Education Mentors


Thank you for agreeing to serve as Mentor to our students!  We deeply appreciate your commitment of time, energy and teaching, and we look forward to being in contact with you throughout your Intern’s experience.

Please feel welcome to contact our office at any time:

Mentor’s Responsibilities
  • Attend Initial Intern / Mentor Meeting during the Intern’s 1st semester of Field Ed.
  • Provide high-quality mentoring: teach, model and enable the Intern to grow as a minister.
  • Establish and nurture the mentoring relationship.
  • Make time for weekly / frequent one-on-one times of reflection, discussion and evaluation.
  • Prepare and submit written Midway and Final evaluation Reports (including Professional Dispositions Assessment).
  • Place emphasis on relationship-building and developing the Intern’s character.
Mentor’s Paperwork (Downloads)

As you mentor your Intern, please note that we will require some paperwork from you at the beginning of the Internship experience, as well as at the midway and final points of the Internship.  We have made all required forms / paperwork available to you as downloadable documents, below.

The Application to Mentor and Commitment to Mentor forms should be submitted (via email or mail) as soon as possible, and preferably prior to the start of the 1st semester of the Internship experience.

The Mentor Midway Report and Mentor Final Report are due at different points during your Intern’s experience.  The Professional Dispositions Assessment (PDA) is due at the end of your Intern’s experience.  Your Intern will be responsible for letting you know when the due-dates for those Reports and PDA are.

 Application to Mentor

 Commitment to Mentor

 Mentor's Midway Report

 Mentor's Final Report

 Professional Dispositions Assessment (PDA)