Information for SF603: Field Education Interns

Field Education Pre-Requisites

SF503: Initiation in Spiritual Formation

Field Education Recommendations
  • At least 30 credits of M.Div. or MPS coursework completed successfully.
  • Successful completion of SF505: Personal, Professional & Theological Foundations for Ministry
  • Successful completion of ____: Proclamation & Communication
Ministry Portfolio

Each student keeps a Ministry Portfolio, which assesses whether the Field Ed program goals, as well as M.Div. and MPS program goals, have been met in the student’s course of study.

The Ministry Portfolio is reviewed at the end of the Field Ed experience, as well as at the final Seminary Exit Interview, prior to graduation.

 M.Div. / MPS Ministry Portfolio Listing

Intern’s Responsibilities
  • Be diligent in securing a suitable Internship site.
  • Be diligent in finding a Mentor, and nurture that relationship as much as possible
  • At least 3 weeks before the semester begins, make an appointment to speak with Tim Binkele, Coordinator, to have your Internship approved.
  • Attend the Initial Intern / Mentor meeting during the 1st semester of Field Ed.
  • Attend 1 Roundtable per semester of Field Ed.
  • Keep a written log of hours, work & reflection conducted during the Internship experience.
  • Prepare and submit written Midway and Final evaluation Reports (including Written Exit Interview and Professional Dispositions Assessment).
  • Develop an ethos of mentoring, and adopt a Biblical model of leadership development.
  • Identify and practice the tools of interpersonal relationships and ministry.
  • Endeavor to pursue a life of constant ministry enrichment, seeking to develop in character, spiritual maturity, knowledge and skill.